Mike Kryuchkov

Mike Kryuchkov is an experienced leader in Sales and Marketing with more than a decade of experience in software companies. He founded Resonate, a Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology company, and has published a comprehensive Guide to B2B Marketing, as well as a series of articles in Tech magazines. Mike has delivered talks at several tech conferences around the world, including SIBOS. He has also worked as Marketing Director at RedCloud Technologies and International Marketing and Sales director at Diasoft, and has over 12 years of experience with major CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce). In 2023, he launched the AIssistify service, a OpenAI based assistant for Marketing and Sales teams. Mike is an expert in Sales and Marketing who has mastered the art of combining technology and marketing to get the best possible results.


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Resonate is proud to announce that AIssistify: AI assistant is now available on the HubSpot Marketplace.

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