Open AI/GPT-4 Integration with HubSpot

Unlock the Power of AI in Your HubSpot Workflows and Chatflows with OpenAI/GPT-4 powered actions

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Step into the next level of CRM advancements with HubSpot GPT integration. Elevate your HubSpot workflows for more personalized interactions. With ChatGPT and HubSpot, it's more than efficiency; it's a constantly improving AI companion, always refining to serve your customers better.

New: AI-powered HubSpot Chatflows

  • It works natively with Hubspot Chatflow editor (it can be built into your existing Chatflows)
  • Integration takes 5 min. Launch it Today on vour website
  • Based on OpenAl GPT-4 model (similar to ChatGPT)
  • Need a custom solution? We can help designing pre-trained model based on vour scenarios


AI Studio for HubSpot: AI Automation for Marketing, Sales and RevOps Teams

AI Studio brings the power of OpenAI Generative AI models (technology behind ChatGPT) in HubSpot CRM. 

Use any custom prompts inside HubSpot Workflows. OpenAI models work great with tasks like summarizing, data formatting, translation. 

AI Studio for HubSpot can help you drafting emails replying to customer requests (form submissions or tickets). 

For Enterprise customers we offer creation of your custom AI models trained on your material (for example we can take emails written by your sales managers and train AI algorithms to generate better replies in your style.

workflow - prepare for a meeting w 2

Marketing and Sales Use Cases

  • Draft highly personalized outbound emails
  • Draft context-based replies for inbound customer requests
  • Categorize and prioritize leads
  • Segment your customers without creating overly complicated workflows
  • Use summary of Form Submissions in automatic replies
  • Identify buyer personas based on Job title and other information you've collected
  • Identify leads demographic. Extract First name from the Full Name (for any language)
AI for sales and marketing

Customer Service Use Cases

  • Write a draft response for a ticket
  • Identify topic of support ticket
  • Classify and prioritize customer request
  • Sentiment analysis of the ticket
  • Ticket routing based in identified category
  • Automatically translate customer requests
ticket ai response

NEW Workflow Actions

Translate with DeepL

Reach Global Markets with Accurate Translation

  • Integrate DeepL API into HubSpot workflows

  • Insert personalization tokens

  • Work with custom objects

  • Enjoy more accurate translations due to neural machine learning technology

  • Translate product catalogs into multiple languages


Company Insights

Understand Your Prospects Better with AI-Powered Company Descriptions

  • Generates descriptions based on real-time data

  • More accurate than HubSpot company descriptions

  • Provides a summary of the company's strengths and weaknesses

  • Boosts efficiency for sales and marketing teams


Sales Email Draft

Enhance Your Email Writing Process and Save Time

  • Personalize emails to fit specific needs

  • Select different variables, including email type, tone of voice, call to action, etc.

  • Add challenges for an email type to improve response rates


Detect Lead Form Spam

Drive Engagement, Bypass Spam Contacts. The New Standard in Lead Quality

  • Analyzes form data and contact information with AI to assign a Spam Score

  • Ensures sales managers only engage with genuine leads

  • Minimizes unnecessary emails and safeguards your campaigns

  • Keeps your marketing contacts spam-free