Hubspot Apps by Resonate

AI Studio, Workflow Toolbox, SaaS Funnel, AI-powered Chatflows for HubSpot


AI Studio for HubSpot Workflows

Connect the power of leading Generative AI models by OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, CoHere and DeepL directly into your HubSpot Workflows.


0CodeTools: Toolbox for HubSpot Workflows

Power your HubSpot with advanced Workflow Actions: Add Note, Extract web data, Find and Associate and Copy Associations in one package


HubSpot Notion Integration

Explore the power of HubSpot Notion integration, offering automated Notion page & database creation directly from HubSpot Workflows.


HubSpot Telegram Integration

Stay updated with real-time notifications from HubSpot to Telegram for leads, deals, and more. Learn how to connect HubSpot and Telegram effortlessly. 

HubSpot Commerce Automation

0CodeTools: Quote Automation Tools

Push the limits of what HubSpot can do with quotes: Automatically add Line Items from Product Library, Generate quotes automatically, Activate Payment links, Add taxes and more... all via HubSpot Workflows

saas funnel app for HubSpot

SaaS Funnel

Manage entire SaaS customer lifecycle inside HubSpot

ai chatflows in hubspot

AI-powered HubSpot Chatflows

Leverage the power of AI chatbots
to increase your customer engagement