1ClickTools: ToolBox for HubSpot

Extend your HubSpot with set of Workflow Actions: Add Note, Extract Data from URL, Send email with SendGrid, Find and Associate, Copy Associations and Generate Random Number/Split Tests in Workflows in one package

More Workflow actions coming soon

Add Notes to Timeline via Workflows

Workflow action that creates a Note in a record (contact, company, deal, ticket or custom object) timeline. 

add note workflow action


Create Note Workflow Action 2

Extract content from URL

Scrap any webpage content, enrich your data with fresh details. Why would you need this in Workflows? As an example you can capture fresh content from your customer's website and save its content as a note. Or summarize it with AI Assistant workflows. 

Extract webdata-2


Extract webdata 2-2

Find and Associate Record

Workflow action that searches for a record (contact, company, deal, ticket or custom object) and creates an association. Supports custom objects and association labels. 

find and associate screen


Associate Workflow Action

Copy Associations from Another Record

This HubSpot Workflow Action copies associations from one record and applies them to another record. This feature is useful when you want to associate a Deal with the Company of the Contact or when a Deal is associated with a Company and you want to associate it with all the Contacts that belong to that Company. Additionally, this feature is applicable for Custom objects. When a Custom object is associated with a Contact, you can automatically create associations with all the records connected to the Contact. With this feature, you can easily manage and organize your records and streamline your workflows.


copy associations 2

NEW: Send email with SendGrid

This HubSpot Workflow Action allows you to send text emails via SendGrid. By linking your SendGrid API, you can send emails to any email address from any domain associated with your SendGrid account. Additionally, this action can be used with custom objects, enabling you to select any property to serve as the sender's email.

Clipboard Mar 10, 2023 at 8.29 PM-2


Send Email with SendGrid

NEW: Generate Random Number

This tool is both simple and powerful, allowing you to generate a random number between the minimum and maximum values set in the action settings. Its functionality is ideal for running split tests in HubSpot workflows or for other logic that requires random numbers. To run a simple split test, just set the minimum value to 0 and the maximum value to 1, and create a Value Equal Branch Action.

Clipboard Mar 10, 2023 at 10.33 PM



AB Tests in HubSpot Workflows

[Beta] Find and update associated object

Workflow action that finds associated object by a property value and updates property. 

Use case: in a contact or a company based workflow find associated deal and move it through the pipeline or change other properties. 

Works with custom objects. When it is required to change multiple properties, you can chain multiple actions in a single workflow. 

To update a record that is not associated with workflow object, first use find and associate workflow action. 

Clipboard Mar 12, 2023 at 6.49 PM-2



find and update

NEW CRM Card: Links

Link and open Google Docs/Sheets, ClickUp Projects/Tasks/Docs, Miro boards, Figma project and other docs and links right without leaving HubSpot. 

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Clipboard Mar 12, 2023 at 7.05 PM


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up to 500 actions/per month


500 actions per month

500 links (Links CRM Card)


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10 000 actions per month

unlimited links (Links CRM Card)

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