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AI Studio for HubSpot Workflows and Chatflows

  • AI Studio for HubSpot integrates most advanced AI models by OpenAI, Google, Anthropic and CoHere to HubSpot Workflows
  • With AI Studio you can construct complex AI action chains to analyze, classify, process, and generate CRM data
  • Upload your organization's knowledge  (documents, presentations, pricelists) AI powered knowledge retrieval
  • Manage all AI-powered processes within HubSpot Workflows, eliminating the need for tool switching
  • Integrate Chatflows with Custom AI Bots (powered by OpenAI Assistant API), requires Operations Hub Pro/Enterprise
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0CodeTools for HubSpot Workflows

0CodeTools for HubSpot fills gaps in the HubSpot workflow engine by introducing new actions that automate and streamline essential CRM tasks.

  • Automate Associations:
    • Find and Associate: Automatically link records such as Contacts, Companies, Tickets, Deals, and Custom objects
    • Copy Associations, Change Labels, Remove Associations
  • Automate Quote and Line Items/Taxes Creation:
    • Automatically Create Quotes, Add line items from product library, Add taxes and more
  • Essential Integrations: Notion, SendGrid, Telegram
  • Universal API Webhook Connector: Use custom webhooks to send specific payloads to provided URLs, allowing parsing the response to store it in CRM records
  • Essential tools: Add Note to Timeline, Random Delay, Random Number Generator, Text transformation

With 0CodeTools, HubSpot Workflows can easily replace tools like Zapier and Make, functioning as a powerful no-code backend capable of handling even the most complex tasks.


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