Supercharge Your HubSpot CRM with Quote and Invoice Automation Tools

Transform your HubSpot CRM into a powerful, seamless automation engine. Our newly updated app, 0CodeTools (ex-1ClickTools), available in the HubSpot App Marketplace, streamlines your quote and invoice process, automating tasks that were once manual. Save time, reduce errors, and focus more on growing your business.

Features that empower quote automation

  • Automatically Add Line Items from Product Library to a Deal
  • Generate Quotes effortlessly
  • Automatically Associate Quotes with Contacts and Companies from a Deal
  • Auto-add Relevant Taxes (VAT, Sales Tax, etc.) to Quotes and Invoices
  • Automatically Activate Payment Options in a Quote (Stripe or HubSpot Payments)
  • Seamlessly Link Invoices to Deals, Contacts, and Companies

Plus, we provide comprehensive instructions on how to automate the full process, from from auto-creating Quotes (based on form submissions or deals being moved to a particular stage) to generating a quote link with activated payment options.

HubSpot Commerce Automation

Workflow Actions

Once you activate 0CodeTools, new Actions will become available in your Workflows, enhancing your automation capabilities significantly

Create Line Item from Product

Available for Deal-based Workflows

Using a specified search string, this action scans your Product Library and automatically adds the corresponding product as a Line Item to a specific deal.

Clipboard Aug 15, 2023 at 3.18 PM


Create Line Item from Product

Create Quote

Available for Deal-based Workflows

Creates a Quote with line items from a deal

Create Quote in Hubspot Workflow Action Card


Create Quote in Hubspot Workflow Action

Activate Quote Payment Option

Available for Quote-based Workflows

Activates payment option via Stripe or HubSpot Payments. This facilitates a fully automated quote generation process with payment links.



Create Quote in Hubspot Workflow Action

Automatically add tax to a quote or invoice


For unpublished quotes, generate a Quote Workflow and seamlessly incorporate VAT, Sales Tax, or other relevant taxes—either automatically or based on the specific terms of your deal.

* exclusively in Pro and Pro Plus packages 



Associate Quotes and Invoices to Deals, Contacts and Company records

Set of workflow actions to automate associations of quotes and invoices. Available for Quote-based and Invoice-based workflows.

find and associate screen


Associate Workflow Action

Send email with SendGrid

Allows sending automated emails or quote links or any other transactional emails to any email (even for emails stored in custom properties).

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Send Email with SendGrid

Setup Examples

Deal Workflow Example:

Based on deal properties, this workflow adds Line Items from the Product Library to a deal and creates a draft quote.

Deal Workflow Example

Quote-Based Workflow Example:

This workflow fills some of the quote properties, associates the Quote to Contacts and Companies that were associated with the deal, adds tax, activates Payment options, publishes the quote, and copies the published quote link to a deal property.

Quote Workflow Example


Push the limits of HubSpot Workflows with 0CodeTools

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save note workflow action 2



Can I add taxes to a published quote

It takes three steps to add taxes to a published quote. First, you need to change quote status (Approval status) to Draft. For this, use Set property value standard HubSpot action. Next, use Add tax action. Finally, change the status back to Published (Approval not needed). 



up to 10K actions/per month


10 000 actions per month

All quote automation tools

Pro Plus

up to 50K actions/month


50 000 actions per month

All quote automation tools