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HubSpot Migration Services

Accelerate your performance with a flawless migration from Salesforce, Marketo, Pipedrive, and other platforms to HubSpot

CRM Data Migration

Our team ensures your migration from a legacy CRM to HubSpot is cost-effective with minimal disruption to your business.

We follow a proven 5-stage model to secure CRM data integrity:

  • Analysis: we assess your current CRM system as moving incomplete or inconsistent data may lead to a bad user experience and make the system unusable;
  • Strategy selection: we do the mapping using HubSpot standard and custom objects and properties, define the technical approach for HubSpot data migration;
  • Migration testing: before we shift all your data, we perform a test to deliver successful migration;
  • Full data migration: after we are done with test migration, we enable the HubSpot CRM migration;
  • Quality assurance.

Your business needs a custom solution? We can offer migration services tailored to your needs. 


CMS migration

We offer customized content migration services that meet different business needs:

  • Website migration;
  • Templates migration;
  • Blog migration.

The key advantages of an organized HubSpot CMS:

  • Keep your website up to date and relevant;
  • Find what you need and make changes quickly;
  • Collaborate with your team easily;
  • Report on your website’s performance.
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Migration Services HubSpot

Marketo to HubSpot Migration

Migrate Marketo customer data and marketing assets (Landing pages, Emails, Forms, Programs) to HubSpot. 

Salesforce to HubSpot Migration

Migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot moving all Sales Cloud data (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, campaigns and custom objects).

Pipedrive to HubSpot Migration

Migrate from Pipedrive to a more advanced all-in-one platform for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Bitrix24 to HubSpot Migration

Migrate to a reliable solution for sales and marketing hosted in US and Europe.

Wordpress to HubSpot Migration

Migrate your website to HubSpot CMS and get Free CRM right inside your website platform. 

HubSpot and Salesforce Integration

Integrate HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub with Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

Wix to HubSpot Migration

Migrate from Wix to an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform that captures and tracks leads from your site.

Zoho to HubSpot Migration

Migrate from Zoho to HubSpot to enhance your performance with no delay in the business processes. 

Zendesk to HubSpot Migration

If you have a unique data structure to move from Zendesk, we will be glad to help with a custom approach.


What is HubSpot migration and why do I need it?

HubSpot migration is the transfer of data and assets from another platform to HubSpot. It can be complex and time-consuming, that's why businesses use web migration services and migration templates to assist with the process. HubSpot migration is necessary to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and take advantage of advanced features. It helps to minimize risks, customize migration, and optimize benefits.

How do I ensure that my data is secure during the migration process?

To secure your data during the migration process, work with web migration services, migration specialists, or HubSpot service professionals. These experts follow security protocols, encrypt data, and monitor transfers. Review their security policies and procedures to ensure they meet your organization's requirements. Experienced migration specialists provide peace of mind that your data is handled securely.

Should you do it in-house or use a third-party service and the cost/benefit comparison?

HubSpot migration is a challenging process and having the right experience is key. Doing it yourself can be time-consuming and cause errors, resulting in costly data loss. Utilizing a third-party service like Resonate can be a more efficient solution and help optimize HubSpot migration services for your business. While it may seem cheaper to do the migration yourself, lost productivity and data loss can be costly in the long run. Resonate's experts can ensure a successful migration and provide long-term value for your company.

Case studies of the migrations we have done?

At Resonate, we have successfully migrated numerous clients to HubSpot, resulting in improved efficiency, increased sales, and better customer engagement. Our case studies highlight some of these successes.

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