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Why are Paid Social Services a great investment in your business? 

Our B2B paid media strategy assures you're engaging with the right audience on the right platforms.

Who is this strategy for?

> B2B Tech and Software Companies

> SaaS

> Online Services

Is Social Media worth it?

Over the past year, we've generated more than 150K leads for our customers using a powerful combination of Facebook and Linkedin Ads, Account-Based Marketing, and Inbound Marketing.

Why are Facebook and LinkedIn Ads approved and active but not converting?

LinkedIn, Facebook ads not working? The success of paid social media is tied to a sales cycle and the value of your product/service. It is important to think about sales stages and the customer journey your prospects go through before they make a purchase. Advertising B2B products directly killed many campaigns. Luckily, we can help you find the most accurate ad strategy, create the right content and communicate a valuable offer.

Paid Social Services offered

Our approach is based on the best techniques of digital advertising combined with inbound marketing principles for B2B Tech companies:

> Facebook Ads (Facebook, Instagram), Linkedin Ads, TikTok Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads;

> Accounts setup, competitor analysis, audience analysis;

> Creating a powerful campaign strategy;

> Optimizing performance through active bid management, audience segmentation, etc.;

> Retargeting via the Meta Pixel, Linkedin Pixel;

> Lead Generation and Website Traffic Campaigns.

Facebook Ads

Facebook still reigns over social media, with 2.93 billion active users in 2022. Due to various targeting options available, it’s great for both B2B and B2C businesses and is an effective way to target audiences of all types.

LinkedIn Ads

On LinkedIn, you can increase your reach using highly specific targeting by industry, job title, seniority, job experience, etc. It means that you generate high-quality B2B leads that are eager to respond to your brand's message.

Reddit Ads

A highly underrated platform despite a large, engaged user base. There are numerous data points that can generate input in the ad algorithms and make it a promising lead generation or traffic driving platform.

Quora Ads

The platform offers a variety of ad formats including display ads, sponsored content, and native ads. Targeting options are based on the interests of Quora users, topics they follow, and their demographic information.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is a great way to reach similar audiences from Facebook with additional engaging media types. 

Xing Ads

This German equivalent of Linkedin offers solutions for successful event promotion.  It has a valuable option to see attendees' profiles that helps to attract guests.

Paid and SEO techniques

Send a more powerful message

B2B Paid Media takes advantage of social media platforms to target users with the right ads, while SEO involves making website content more searchable so it is ranking for relevant keywords.

Highly focused social media marketing and organic strategies have a better chance to build a strong brand.

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What is KPI for B2B paid media?

The most common KPI's for paid social services include conversion rate, cost per click, post reach and page visits. For your convenience, most platforms calculate these values for you and display them as key campaign stats.

What is an example of a paid social strategy?

Social media strategies are guidelines to help you achieve your goals on social media. It's not just about posting, it's posting with an end goal in mind. Moreover, a social media marketing plan has to be more than just the platform itself. For example, what would happen if Instagram was down for more than a day? It would be a wasted day for your business.

How to build a paid media strategy? To create a paid social media strategy, you’ll need to start with 5 things that contribute to your B2B paid media strategy:

  1. Business goal.
  2. Strategic imperatives for the business goal.
  3. Social campaigns that align to those imperatives.
  4. Outcomes of the social campaign that help you reach that goal.
  5. Your budget.
Does paid social help SEO?

Social media is not a direct ranking factor for SEO, but it can certainly help in many ways. Google is able to crawl social media platforms like any other web pages and return them in its search results. This is why the pages you find at the top of the SERPs are usually the ones with the most shares. To gain the most out of social media, develop a content marketing strategy that will attract your target audience. One share or retweet can make a huge difference.

What are B2B marketing trends 2023?

First of all, the possible applications of AI in marketing are far from being fully realised, and over the course of the year we're sure to see new options become viable. With the increasing amount of information big data provides, AI marketing will help marketers sift through that data in shorter time frames, finding valuable insights into their consumers that will allow better marketing campaigns and ROI. 

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