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for Startups, SaaS, Software companies and Online Businesses launching on Product Hunt can be a great way to showcase your product, get feedback, and attract potential customers and investors.


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Introducing ProductHunt Marketing

ProductHunt Marketing is an all-inclusive package designed to help you launch your product on the popular Product Hunt platform. Our goal is to propel your product to the coveted #1 spot, or at the very least, secure a position in the top 5.

What's Included in the ProductHunt Marketing Package?

Collaboration with Top-Hunters: We work closely with influential Product Hunt users to ensure your product gets the attention it deserves. These top-hunters will help create buzz around your launch and increase your product's visibility on the platform.

Orchestrating the Launch: Our team of experts will manage your launch from start to finish. We'll develop a strategic plan that maximizes your product's chances of success, ensuring it's seen by the right audience at the right time.

Preparing Content for the Launch: Content is king, and our team of professional copywriters and designers will craft captivating and persuasive content for your launch. This includes everything from product descriptions to eye-catching visuals, ensuring your product makes a lasting impression on potential users.

Collaborating with Top-Users for Upvotes: To reach the top, your product needs upvotes. We'll reach out to our extensive network of Product Hunt power users to secure those all-important upvotes, helping your product climb the ranks and catch the attention of even more users

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The Benefits of Launching on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a premier platform for discovering and showcasing innovative new products, making it an ideal choice for launching your tech product. With over 4 million monthly users, Product Hunt offers numerous advantages to products that manage to secure top spots on the platform.

Increased Visibility

Being featured on Product Hunt instantly puts your product in front of millions of tech enthusiasts, early adopters, and industry influencers. This heightened visibility can lead to a significant boost in brand recognition, making it easier to attract customers and investors..

Traffic Boost

When your product ranks in the top spots on Product Hunt, it can lead to a surge in traffic to your website or app. This increased traffic can translate into higher engagement, more sign-ups, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Leads and Signups Boost 

With a successful Product Hunt launch, you can expect a significant increase in leads and registrations. Many Product Hunt users are eager to try out new products and provide valuable feedback, giving you a valuable pool of potential customers and beta testers.


Building a Loyal Community

Product Hunt is a tight-knit community of tech enthusiasts who actively engage with and support innovative products. By launching on Product Hunt, you have the opportunity to connect with these users and turn them into loyal advocates for your product.

Long-Term Growth

Launching on Product Hunt can also help you gain valuable feedback from early adopters, allowing you to refine your product and improve its market fit. Plus, being featured on Product Hunt can help build buzz and momentum around your product, leading to increased press coverage and social media attention.

Attracting Investors

Product Hunt is not only popular among tech enthusiasts but also followed closely by venture capitalists, angel investors, and industry leaders. A successful launch on Product Hunt can capture the attention of these investors, potentially leading to valuable funding and partnership opportunities for your product or startup.

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