SaaS Funnel for HubSpot

Manage entire SaaS customer lifecycle inside HubSpot


How does SaaS Funnel facilitate the integration of a funnel in Hubspot?

Saas Funnel offers a set of Custom Events and Workflow Actions that allows you to do full integration of your SaaS funnel.

How quickly can SaaS Funnel be integrated with your SaaS product?

With a simple and easy-to-use API that includes nine webhooks for different types of events, Saas Funnel can be integrated with your SaaS product in just 1-2 hours.

How does it simplify tracking of standard SaaS actions?

Saas Funnel provides a complete activation funnel for simple reporting, segmentation, lead scoring, and automation. 

HubSpot-native integration

1. Track any of HubSpot Timeline Events (we offer 8 standard types and 1 custom with unlimited number of your own events).

2. Automate your follow-up actions with powerful HubSpot Workflows (no hidden features). 


3. Move deals through your pipeline automatically with our specialized Workflow Action.

4. Keep your team organized with tasks, tickets, and triggered emails all created and managed within HubSpot.


The key features of SaaS Funnel for clear funnel tracking:

  • Standard events: track registration, free trials, feature activation, onboarding, user engagement, subscription started, updated, and cancelled, successful payment, and payment failures.

  • Custom events: monitor any activity that occurs within your product but doesn't fit the standard funnel, such as logins, user invitations, and customer support requests.

  • Workflow events: automate deal updates related to user activity, such as moving a deal to the free trial stage when a customer starts a free trial or to the closed won stage when a customer starts a subscription.

  • Timeline events: store all data inside HubSpot as timeline events, each with its own properties such as subscription status, payment amount, and activated feature details. Use this data in workflows and email automation.

  • Multi-product support: attribute every event to a specific product to track engagement across multiple offerings.


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