Best writing assistant software

Are you a content creator constantly battling writer's block or struggling to keep up with the never-ending demand for fresh, engaging ideas? We made a list of the best writing assistant software that can help you create captivating content in 2023.

These tools can give you ideas, help with SEO, and make your writing better for your audience. In this article, we'll discuss the current frontrunners in the AI content generator market and evaluate their advantages and drawbacks.

Here is a brief overview of what we are going to discuss:

1. How we select writing software

2. AI Writing Assistant Software:

    - Grammarly 

    - AIssistify


    - Surfer SEO

    - ProWritingAid

3. Use Cases:

    - E-commerce business

    - Startup

4. Conclusion

How we select AI writing software

When assessing AI writing tools, we take into account multiple aspects that are crucial to find the most appropriate and efficient solutions to meet our requirements. Here's an outline of the criteria we use to evaluate and recommend AI writing software:

  1. Features and functionality: we evaluate how well features, such as grammar checking, content generation, SEO optimization, and plagiarism detection, are executed and if they deliver the intended results.
  2. Quality of output: the AI-generated content should be of high quality, with minimal errors and maximum relevance to the topic. 
  3. User reviews and testimonials: we take into consideration the feedback from real users and knowledgeable professionals to better understand the overall efficiency, dependability, and impact of each AI writing tool.

Quick Overview of AI Writing Assistant Software

In today's fast-paced digital world, writing assistant software has become an essential tool for writers, marketers, and content creators.

To help you find the perfect writing assistant for your needs, we have compiled a table featuring some of the most popular options in the market.

Writing Assistant Function Plans Peculiarities
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
Free / Premium / Business
  • Integrates with MS Word, Google Docs, web browsers
  • Tone suggestions
  • AI content generation
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media content
  • Email writing
  • Grammar correction
Free / Pro / Pro Plus
  • "Human-like Rewriting" feature
  • Integrates with HubSpot
  • AI content generation
  • Social media content
  • Email writing
Free / Pro / Enterprise
  • Pre-built templates
  • Available in 25+ languages
Surfer SEO
  • SEO optimization
Free / Basic / Pro / Business / Enterprise
  • Integrates with WordPress, Google Docs, Jasper, SemRush
  • In-depth analysis
  • Style
Free / Premium
  • Integrates with Google Docs, MS Office
  • Chrome Extension 


Grammarly, a widely-used AI writing companion, provides users with live recommendations to enhance their writing through proper grammar, punctuation, and style. It also gives tone detection, context-aware suggestions, and readability enhancements.


You can access Grammarly through various platforms, including a browser extension, a desktop or mobile app, and even as an add-on for Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Strong points:

  • Comprehensive suggestions: with Grammarly, you'll receive an extensive array of suggestions, from basic grammar and punctuation to sophisticated style recommendations. This ensures that your writing comes across as refined and proficient.
  • Tone detection: keep a steady voice while tailoring your writing to fit the needs and expectations of your target audience. This ultimately makes your content more captivating and relatable.
  • Plagiarism detection: available in the Premium plan, this feature checks your writing against an extensive collection of online sources. This ensures that your content remains unique and avoids any potential copyright problems.

Grammarly is a widely-used writing assistant that has gained popularity due to its real-time suggestions for grammar, punctuation, style, and tone.

However, we shouldn't overlook its drawbacks as well. This article aims to provide a balanced perspective on Grammarly by examining its limitations and potential issues for users.


  • Misleading recommendations: Grammarly may occasionally provide wrong suggestions since it might not fully grasp the context or the intended meaning of a sentence. Users should be cautious and assess each suggestion thoroughly, depending on their own expertise and understanding.
  • Performance issues: some users report that Grammarly may occasionally experience lag when analyzing extensive pieces of text. 


Grammarly provides valuable support for numerous users, but it's vital to understand its limitations and not treat it as a perfect solution. This handy tool mainly benefits those who already have a solid comprehension of grammar, as it helps catch small mistakes that could miss through human oversight. 

Nonetheless, it's essential to keep in mind that Grammarly shouldn't replace a person who has a strong command of grammar. One must evaluate recommendations carefully and combine them with their own understanding and knowledge.  This way, users can improve their writing and expand their language capabilities, while sidestepping the potential issues associated with relying too heavily on an AI-powered writing assistant.


AIssistify, an innovative AI-powered writing assistant, offers a wide range of features to help users generate content, optimize SEO, create social media content, draft emails, and correct grammar. AIssistify is the go-to solution for marketers, writers, and content creators.


You can access AIssistify through its web-based platform and enjoy integration with HubSpot for even greater convenience and functionality.

Strong points:

  • Content Marketing and SEO: AIssistify makes it easy to generate high-quality content that passes AI-generated text checks, correct grammar, and generate meta tags that stand out in SERP. It can also generate guest posts, expand your content, and identify long-tail keywords that will help you rank higher in search engine results.
  • Websites and Landing Pages: AIssistify can help you generate landing page content, generate CTAs, and provide ideas for improving conversion rates. AIssistify's CTA generator can help you come up with compelling calls to action that will inspire your visitors to take action.
  • Social Media and Email Marketing: it is your go-to tool for crafting captivating social media content that keeps your audience hooked. With a wide range of templates and personalized suggestions, you can create compelling emails that cater to the unique interests of diverse groups.
  • Human-like Rewriting: through this unique feature, AIssistify rephrases AI-generated content to evade detection as AI-generated by Google



With AIssistify, daily tasks for Marketing, Sales and RevOps teams can be solved in minutes. Imagine generating sales emails, ads, and social posts, automating data enrichment, and prioritizing tickets with ease, allowing your team to work smarter, not harder. AIssistify's customizable solutions enable creating content 11 times faster, revolutionizing the way you work.


  • Limited integrations: although AIssistify does integrate with HubSpot, it might not provide the same flawless experience when used with other popular tools or platforms, potentially reducing its versatility for certain users.


AIssistify is a versatile AI writing assistant that stands out by combining the functions of its competitors, making it a comprehensive solution for content creators, marketers, and writers. 

Its capabilities in content marketing, SEO, website and landing page creation, as well as social media and email marketing, position AIssistify as a one-stop-shop for all content creation needs. 

NEW: Appreciated for its writing support, the platform has now embraced advanced audio and visual tools. Users can now navigate a richer, more multifaceted digital workspace.

With, you can generate diverse content formats, including blog posts, social media updates, emails, website copy, videos, and other business-related materials.


Although the tool's output may require editing to align with your brand voice, it can serve as a useful starting point and assistant to overcome writer's block or generate ideas.

Strong points:

  • Diverse Templates: the platform offers over 90 copywriting templates, covering numerous content types, including digital ad copy, social media posts, e-commerce copy, blog ideas, and more.
  • Multi-Language Support: with support for over 25 languages, enables users to create content in their preferred language or for an international audience, expanding their reach.
  • Chrome Extension: using the extension you can utilize the platform's capabilities while working on your usual applications, such as Google Docs and Gmail, simplifying your content creation journey. is an AI-powered content generator designed to enhance content workflows by leveraging natural language processing and deep learning techniques. 


  • Over-reliance on templates:  although templates can indeed simplify the content production process, an over-reliance on them could result in monotonous or predictable content that lacks innovation and uniqueness.
  • Lack of contextual understanding: some users claim that may not fully grasp the context or nuances of a specific niche or industry, which could result in content that is too generic or not aligned with the brand's voice.

Conclusion isn't designed to entirely replace human writers; rather, it functions as an excellent complementary tool. It aids in simplifying the content development workflow, sparking fresh concepts, and overcoming writer's block.

It can be highly beneficial for generating short-form content, such as ad copy, social media posts, and email marketing. However, when it comes to generating long-form content, it does have its shortcomings and might require additional editing to ensure contextual accuracy and coherence.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an SEO tool designed to help content creators and digital marketers optimize their content based on the correlation analysis of top-ranking pages.


Rather than trying to predict what Google prefers to rank, this tool offers you a data-driven analysis of what’s missing from your page, site, content plan, and more.

Strong points:

  • Keyword Research: the tool includes a keyword research feature that helps identify relevant keywords and phrases for content optimization.
  • Integration with popular tools: Surfer SEO integrates with Google Docs and WordPress, enabling users to optimize their content within their preferred platforms.


  • Inaccurate keyword search data: a few users have pointed out that Surfer SEO seems to offer inconsistent keyword search data, showing notable differences when contrasted with rival tools. 
  • Issues with non-English languages: Surfer SEO does offer support for various languages, but it seems that it might need some enhancements, particularly when it comes to French. Some users have encountered problems with how the tool manages words containing accents and apostrophes, leading to imprecise data and less efficient audits.


Surfer SEO offers features such as content editing, keyword research, SERP analysis, and on-page audits.

However, the lack of precision could potentially make the tool less useful or even detrimental to SEO campaigns, as it might result in ill-advised optimization tactics built on incorrect data.


We included ProWritingAid in our recommendations as it provides real-time grammar checks on a user-friendly platform, ensuring high-quality writing and assistance during proofreading sessions.


Effortlessly integrating with browsers, word processors, and Scrivener, it also supports lesser-known applications such as Markdown and Open Office.

Strong points:

  • In-depth writing reports: ProWritingAid provides comprehensive reports on various aspects of your writing, such as overused words, clichés, sentence length, and consistency. This enables you to pinpoint areas that need enhancement and make precise adjustments.
  • Context-sensitive suggestions: the tool offers personalized recommendations based on the context of your writing, taking into account factors like genre, audience, and purpose, to ensure that your content is tailored to your specific needs.


  • Usability issues: some users might discover the interface and navigation to be somewhat less intuitive than competing writing tools, potentially influencing their comprehensive experience.
  • Lag with book manuscripts: ProWritingAid may experience lag or slow down when analyzing book manuscripts or other large documents. This can be frustrating for authors and writers who work with extensive pieces.


ProWritingAid may struggle with performance when handling large documents, such as book manuscripts. Despite this limitation, it is still a good choice for authors, bloggers, and professionals who wish to refine their writing skills and produce high-quality, polished content tailored to their specific needs.

Use cases

Example 1: E-commerce business

An e-commerce business owner wants to improve the product descriptions on their online store to boost sales and increase organic search traffic.

First, the business owner uses to create initial drafts of the product descriptions. They leverage the platform's diverse templates and multi-language support to craft engaging and informative descriptions tailored to their target audience.

Next, they use Surfer SEO to conduct keyword research and analyze the top-ranking pages for their target keywords. This helps them identify opportunities for optimization and make necessary adjustments to the product descriptions to improve their SEO performance.

Once the product descriptions are optimized for search engines, the business owner uses Grammarly to proofread and edit the content.

Example 2: Startup 

A content marketing manager at a startup is tasked with developing a comprehensive content marketing strategy, including blog posts, social media content, and email campaigns.

The manager starts using AIssistify's keyword research and topic generation features to plan out an editorial calendar for their blog, focusing on SEO optimization. They then use AIssistify's AI content generation tool to create initial drafts for each blog post, which they refine and edit using the platform's grammar correction feature.

Next, the manager leverages AIssistify's social media content and email writing features to create engaging posts and newsletters that complement the blog content. They use the platform's pre-built templates and personalized suggestions to craft content that appeals to their target audience.

Lastly, the manager utilizes the "Human-like Rewriting" feature to rephrase any AI-generated content across their content marketing materials, ensuring that the content is not easily detected as AI-generated by search engines or readers.

To sum up, the world of AI-powered writing tools is diverse and offers a range of options to cater to various needs. Grammarly, Copy AI, Surfer SEO, and ProWritingAid each have their own strengths and areas of expertise, making them ideal choices for specific writing purposes. However, AIssistify stands out as a versatile, all-in-one solution that combines the best features of its competitors while offering unique functionality, such as the "Rewrite Like a Human" feature.

In today's content-driven world, this feature is essential, as it enables users to produce content that can't be easily recognized by Google as AI-generated, helping users evade possible penalties. With the implementation of cutting-edge AI algorithms and seamless integration with platforms like HubSpot, AIssistify offers a well-rounded solution for content creators, marketers, and businesses in search of a dependable tool to efficiently manage their content generation and optimization procedures.

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