HubSpot's Latest Release: Welcome to Commerce Hub

At the recent Inbound 2023 event, HubSpot announced a significant evolution: the relaunch of their Commerce Tool as the “Commerce Hub.” Designed primarily for B2B SMBs, this free tool aims to streamline the opportunity-to-revenue process, accelerating payment times, enhancing revenue generation, and leveraging automation to save time.

Common Challenges in Commerce

The world of commerce can often seem like a labyrinth, filled with challenges that demand smart solutions:

  • Paying up: getting paid on time can be tough. We all want faster and clearer ways to handle bills and keep the cash coming in.
  • Earning more: all businesses want to make more money. This means better ads, great deals, and a smooth sales process.
  • Easy payments: with so many ways to pay, things can get confusing. The goal? Keep it simple and user-friendly.

Commerce Hub steps in as the game-changer. It's more than just a tool—it's a gateway to efficient sales and payment solutions, driving revenue while ensuring a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

Why Choose Commerce Hub?

  • Get paid swiftly: HubSpot now offers an intuitive toolset designed to significantly reduce the time from opportunity to payment. Whether you're creating invoices directly from Contacts, Companies, Deals, or Quotes, HubSpot ensures the process is quick and reduces risks of human error. These invoices are payable through HubSpot Payments*, Stripe Integration** (both ACH and Credit Card), or can be manually marked as paid for other payment methods like wire transfers, checks, or PayPal.

    * HubSpot Payments is available to U.S. based customers only using a Starter+ edition of any hub
    ** Stripe Integration is currently in Public Beta and is available to all Free+ customers
  • Uplift your revenue: the power of subscriptions! With the Commerce Hub, you can effectively manage, collect, and report on recurring payments. It’s about ensuring every renewal opportunity is seized.
  • Integrate & sync: no business tool is an island. You can connect payments with your favorite accounting tools like QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, and Chargebee. It makes financial reconciliation a breeze.
  • Seamless automation & reporting: the automation tools in Commerce Hub alleviate hours of manual work, especially when it comes to billing. Plus, the custom reports are intuitive, letting businesses craft revenue and customer growth reports with ease.

Getting Commerce Hub to the next level with HubSpot Workflows and 1ClickTools Quote Automation

While Commerce Hub is reshaping the commerce domain with its comprehensive toolkit, there's always room to boost efficiency and precision.

Resonate's 1ClickTools is already transforming the commerce for dozens of clients. Beyond offering Custom Quote Templates (which can be tailored to your business needs), 1ClickTools enables businesses to associate invoices seamlessly with transactions, contacts, and companies. Additionally, its advanced automation capabilities automatically add relevant taxes to invoices via workflows.

We're not just offering a tool; we're providing a proven solution that's elevating businesses to the next level of digital commerce. Here's how:

  1. Seamless automation of the quote and invoice process within HubSpot CRM.
  2. Auto-addition of Line Items to deals directly from the Product Library.
  3. Efficiently link Quotes to Contacts, Companies, and relevant CRM records.
  4. Comprehensive workflow actions including:
    - Activating specific payment options for quotes.
    - Automatically incorporating tax values, such as VAT or Sales Tax, to quotes and invoices.
  5. Detailed guidelines to guide users from quote creation to payment option activation.
  6. Utilize SendGrid for sending automated transactional emails, including quote links.

Quote-Based Workflow Example:

Quote Workflow Example

While Commerce Hub focuses largely on payment processing, recurring payments, and basic automation, 1ClickTools takes it a step further by deeply integrating with HubSpot CRM, automating quote creation, tax addition, and more complex CRM-based workflows.

Ready to streamline your sales process? Tap into the power of automation and try 1ClickTools today

In Conclusion

In the fast-paced world of digital commerce, it's all about offering the best to your customers. With HubSpot Commerce Hub, businesses get a robust foundation. Mix in Resonate's 1ClickTools, and things elevate to a new level: streamlined quotes, seamless automation, and quick invoicing. Together, they're not just reimagining e-commerce - they're reshaping it. 

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