8x GROWTH and 100K+ leads for ONLINE SCHOOL

BangBang Education is an Online Graphic Design school launched by leading Illustration agency BangBang Studio. The online school was growing apprx. 30%/year before mid-2019, when Resonate was hired to transform how email marketing and paid traffic channels work.


Our services:

  • Facebook Ads Management (Facebook, Instagram)
  • PPC Campaigns Management (Google, Yandex)
  • Advanced Retargeting Campaigns
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub Implementation and Integration
  • Email marketing (Email workflows, Broadcast emails, Customer Base segmentation)
  • Analytics and Reporing

A first step was to differentiate audience by a lifecycle stage and create different offers for different stages.

Top of the funnel attracted new audience with an offer of free courses, webinars and blog articles.

We’ve started our work with BangBang Education with setting up proper analytics model where we could track each interaction (most of the users were using at least two different devices).

The key challenge was pretty long sales cycle.

To shorten sales cycle we’ve implemented automated email workflows that were sending series of emails to warm up new leads. Combined with retargeting ads that shortened average sales cycle by 35%

Using a combination of blog articles and videos with paid media (particularly Facebook and Instagram ads) number of leads were increased by 80% in the first 3 months and in total lead generation campaigns brought 100K+ new leads.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 23.51.06

To handle large lead database (>60K leads in the beginning and close to 200K after one year) we implemented lead scoring model that was later using for segmentation. Various segments of leads were receiving different emails. All customer segments were synced with Facebook Ads Audiences. And in few months we’ve raised Facebook Ads ROI from 30% to 500% by implementing multi-stepped Facebook Ads funnel. 

Further tests and improvements allowed to grow audience of other social media accounts to a total of 100K+ followers.

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