Leading cybersecurity provider migrates from Marketo to HubSpot

A leading cybersecurity company, Group-IB protects people, businesses, and governments against cyberattacks. Dedicated to detecting and preventing cyber crimes, identifying online fraud, and protecting intellectual property, Group-IB was looking for an enterprise-level marketing platform that was easy to use and could support a growing business across different regions.

Previous platform: Marketo

Hubs: Marketing Hub Enterprise

Services provided: Hubspot Onboarding and Implementation, Hubspot Migration, Hubspot Marketing Analytics, Hubspot CMS Development, HubSpot and Salesforce integration 

About Group-IB:

Founded: 2003

Headquarters: Singapore

Products: Threat Intelligence, Fraud Protection, Managed XDR, Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, Business Email Protection

Number of employees: 600+

Сountries where Group-IB products are used: 60+

High-profile investigations worldwide: 1300+


At the time, Group-IB was using a marketing automation tool developed by one of HubSpot’s chief competitors - Marketo. It required costly integrations or other tools to help with marketing, sales, and customer success. Therefore, to improve its lead generation, Group-IB needed a better CRM and stronger marketing strategies. 

To ensure Group-IB was set up for success, we had to meet the following requirements: 

  • 20 days before the expiration of the Marketo license;
  • 100+ Marketo assets to migrate to Hubspot;
  • Advanced requirements for marketing analytics: multi-touch attribution for customers with long sales cycles, customer journey analytics, etc;
  • Complex requirements for a two-way integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud. 


Resonate team consistently moves customers from legacy software like Marketo, to HubSpot, with minimal disruption to their business. To fully benefit from HubSpot’s ecosystem, Resonate and Group-IB set the following objectives to focus on:

  • 20 days for the full migration from Marketo to Hubspot Marketing Hub Enterprise including customer data and hundreds of marketing assets;
  • Complex data migration;
  • Custom reports, dashboards;
  • Advanced webinar funnels implementation;
  • Team onboarding and training.

Due to an associated plan and timeline, we managed to build a solution architecture and assess data quality in the shortest possible time. When working on a proven phased approach for switching Group-IB to HubSpot, we considered the following key points:

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise as a central hub for all marketing activities;
  2. Сustom attribution models and better insights on how different channels influence various stages of the customer journey;
  3. Tight integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud;
  4. Full Migration in less than 20 days;
  5. Advanced features implementation: custom objects, advanced marketing analytics;
  6. Hundreds of marketing assets migrated with improved features: forms, landing pages, emails, workflows, programs, and campaigns.

With our help, Group-IB has achieved those goals. Also, Resonate specialists provided workshops on inbound best practices and maximizing the value of HubSpot’s tools.

We got excellent support from Resonate team on the HubSpot onboarding as well as migration from the legacy MA platform. The challenge was to migrate to HubSpot and get trained in extremely short time period and Resonate team was of a great help with that. During several weeks we were recieving professional support 24/7 so that the migration went with minimum pain to the business.






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