Growing identity verification service on HubSpot CMS

Committed to providing secure and reliable identity solutions that are accessible to all, Digital Identity Net built OneID®, which lets you prove who you are online easily and securely. Realizing the potential of its product, Digital Identity Net wanted a website that reflected its quality and followed brand guidelines.

Services provided: HubSpot CMS Development.

About Digital Identity Net:

Digital Identity Net is a company that provides a range of solutions, including identity verification, authentication, and authorization, to enable organizations securely store and control their customer identity data. 

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Products: Online Age Verification, Verified Sign Up & Sign In, Verified ID, Digital ID for DBS Checks


The company's website was dated and didn't meet brand guidelines. When updating the website, it was important to ensure it had growth-driven design and all the visuals, colors, fonts, and the logo were coherent with the brand book. This meant that each design element had to be in line with the brand guidelines so that the website represented the brand in a consistent and unified way. We also prioritized the user experience to be consistent across all channels, from the desktop to the mobile version. 


Content migration involved transferring website content and functionality from an old website to the new one developed on the Realize Theme which features:

  • customizable page layouts;
  • dynamic content blocks;
  • built-in SEO optimization. 

One of the main reasons for website migration to HubSpot Realize Theme was the necessity to meet all brand guidelines and standards. The theme offers a range of features that allow businesses to customize their websites to meet their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, Realize Theme is designed to ensure that websites are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. *Check out the comparison of the best HubSpot themes and their performance


When working with OneID®, we stuck to an iterative approach which allows for incremental changes and testing to be done to ensure the website migration is successful.

The process consisted of 5 steps:

1. Create a plan for content migration. It outlined the timeline and resources needed. It was important to plan ahead in order to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. 

2. Create a development environment. The environment included the Realize theme, plugins, and integrations. Before the new website was released, we performed testing.

3. Start migrating the website content and design. It included creating the necessary page templates, adding content, and styling the website. It was important to check optimization for both desktop and mobile devices.

4. Perform usability testing. Due to this step, we ensured the website was compatible with different browsers and devices.

5. Launch the website. This step involved releasing the website and performing all necessary maintenance and updates.

In addition, we spent time on a training session with the team for them to learn the capabilities of the Realize theme. We went over the advanced features and functions so that the Digital Identity Net team members could become familiar with the tools available and use them to make any necessary changes to the website in future. 

To sum up, the new website enabled OneID® to create a more unified, consistent experience. They can now use it as an additional sales and marketing tool to reach their target audience and build stronger relationships with customers. 

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