Software vendor boosts online events using HubSpot and LinkedIn ads

BellSoft is a software company that builds and delivers solutions for Java application development, execution, and management. It is one of the Top 5 OpenJDK contributors along with Oracle, RedHat, SAP, and Google.

Liberica JDK is a free Java Development Kit developed by the company and used on millions of servers and desktops around the world. When it came to a large number of downloads, Bellsoft started looking for a marketing automation solution to keep and nurture all their leads in one centralized, customizable, and easy-to-use platform.

Hubs: Marketing Hub Professional

Services provided: Hubspot Onboarding and Implementation, Hubspot Migration, Digital Marketing, HubSpot Websites, Paid Social.

About BellSoft:

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: United States

Products: Alpaquita Cloud Native Platform, Alpaquita Linux, Liberica JDK, Liberica JDK Embedded, Liberica Native Image Kit, Liberica Administration Center, Liberica Mission Control

Expertise: Java Runtime & Embedded Development / Support, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) optimization, GCC, LLVM, and other compilers optimization


BellSoft was using an all-in-one platform for business which was in no way indicative of the company's size and was lacking the tools required to scale successfully. Current operation processes resulted in unqualified leads and lost opportunities.

Marketing automation usually refers to a platform with associated tools and analytics to build a strong lead nurturing strategy. Therefore, to boost sales and lead generation, BellSoft went in search of a new CRM that could ensure the best way they’d like to nurture new customers. 

Moreover, BellSoft needed a microsite to raise awareness about company's online events and promote sign-ups. It was also important to integrate the microsite with a CRM. 

Finally, to amplify the effects of interactivity, the company wanted to use the supportive tactics of paid media and a strong social media presence. 


HubSpot Onboarding and Data Migration

In companies like BellSoft that manage a large asset database, the process of changing the data system is far beyond copying and pasting contacts from one system into the other. Therefore, we prioritized careful setup of the new system and a staged approach when moving data to HubSpot. 

Our tailored approach to data migration included:

  • Data extraction and adding extra data;
  • Modeling the data;
  • Data mapping;
  • Migration testing;
  • Full data migration and reporting on progress;
  • Quality assurance. 

Then, we focused heavily on setting up a basic sales pipeline, foundational frameworks, and the development of automation within the system. The process of HubSpot onboarding and implementation took less than 3 months. 

HubSpot Websites

As part of our work with the company, we developed a HubSpot CMS based microsite to promote JRush - a series of free online seminars on Java development by BellSoft.

Webinars and online conferences play a vital role in promoting BellSoft and its mission. Therefore, Resonate set up full funnel integration including the registration process, reminders about upcoming online events, access to videos, etc. with HubSpot.

The microsite is built on the Realize theme and contributes to:

> A more focused experience;

> Improved brand awareness;

> Better customer engagement;

> Most effective SEO practices. 

The JRush microsite incorporates modern design, extreme customization, and smooth animations that don't impact the site speed.  

And, what's more, the site subscription form collects relevant data and syncs contact details directly to the HubSpot CRM. As a company with a large database of contacts, BellSoft can now rely on HubSpot workflows that automate marketing, sales, and services processes.

The microsite template developed by Resonate can also be used by BellSoft when drawing up some future business projects that makes it a truly practical, versatile tool.

Paid Social

To help BellSoft reach its audience and get the most out, we utilized our expertise in Facebook and LinkedIn Lead Ads to set up a cost-effective advertising strategy that would encourage audience participation and automatically capture contact information and sync with a HubSpot account.

Using highly specific targeting options, BellSoft managed to attract an audience to their online conference and test other channels for lead generation.


To sum up, BellSoft's processes have been automized and optimized to help them interact with their audience more consistently and efficiently. HubSpot's CRM platform, customized microsite, and powerful advertising techniques now contribute to lead generation and customer acquisition.

Every time there is a new challenge and goal, the question arises, “To do it with the help of internal resources of the company or not?” And while there are no radical differences between the results, the biggest secret is that you can save a huge amount of time by hiring a competent team of specialists, learning from them, and working with not some abstract cases, but only with the tasks of your company. So Resonate went above and beyond to help me and my team all the onboarding period. The Resonate specialists always noticed when we were lost and couldn’t find the way out, they always were near and ready to help to escort us to the door and explain everything promptly and practically at any time. It's the best customer service. I really appreciate all the efforts that Mikhail and his team put into solving my company's issues. I was pleasantly surprised. Great work!


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