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International Awards for Tech Companies and Startups

International awards, ratings, and analyst reports are a great way to introduce your company or a produc...


How to add a birthday field to HubSpot

The default contact birthday property in HubSpot is a text field (not a date), so it can't be used prope...


Resonate becomes Hubspot Diamond Partner

Today, Resonate has announced that it has achieved Diamond status within HubSpot Solutions Partner Progr...


Resonate becomes Hubspot Platinum Solution Partner

Today, Resonate announced that it has achieved Platinum status within Hubspot Solutions Partner Program.


5 Best Replacements for Salesforce IQ

After last year's announcement made by that SalesforceIQ wouldn’t support GDPR, it became...

Inbound Marketing

GDPR Consent Form and Chat Message Examples

As GDPR launch date is approaching fast, most of the CRM and Marketing Automation systems already releas...


Next Big Thing in Hubspot pricing - Here's how you can save

Hubspot keeps working on optimizing their pricing making their platform while adding new features and in...

B2B Advertising

Common B2B Facebook Ad Campaign Problems and How to Fix Those

I’ve heard from many B2B companies that Facebook Ads don’t work for them. In general, there are three ty...