ChatGPT Like a Pro: Expert-Tested Prompts for Marketing and Copywriting

I know you've probably come across plenty of articles like "65 ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing to Make Work Easier" or "190 ChatGPT Prompts Marketers Should Use." Not bad at all, right? Especially for beginners.

But here’s the deal: this article is different. We’re not just tossing out prompts; we're sharing the real deal – prompts that we've tested and know deliver results that sound human and engaging.

Plus, we’ll walk you through a foolproof prompt framework tailored for any ChatGPT task.

Trust me, you'll want to bookmark this one. 

Content overview

1. Understanding the Right Prompts

2. 7 Strategies for Better Results with ChatGPT

3. Practical Applications for Marketing and Copywriting

- Comprehensive examples and use cases for each strategy

4. Implementing the Prompts: 2 Options

5. Conclusion

Right Prompts

The foundation of prompt engineering is our main focus here. This isn't just giving AI a list of commands. Nope. It's about strategically guiding it to think and respond like a specialist.

This idea comes straight from Microsoft's "The Power of Prompting". They've shown that with the right prompts, AI can churn out content that's not just smart, but creative and effective, just like a seasoned marketer or writer.

As we unpack our selection of prompts, bear in mind, it's not mere questioning; it's about strategically shaping the AI's responses.

7 Strategies for Getting Better Results

So, how do we make sure our prompts hit the mark? It's all about strategy.

1. Be Specific

Basically, the less guessing the AI has to do, the better. Show the AI the format you want, and you're more likely to get it.

Less specific prompt More specific prompt 👍
Suggest a marketing strategy. Suggest a digital marketing strategy for a small bakery specializing in gluten-free products, focusing on social media and local advertising.
Explain machine learning. Explain in simple terms how machine learning is used, with two real-world examples.
Design a workout plan. Design a 4-week beginner workout plan for someone with no gym access, focusing on bodyweight exercises and 10/20/30-minute sessions.

2. Provide Context

It's like giving the AI a clearer picture of what you're asking about, so it can tailor its responses accordingly. This could involve providing background information, setting a scenario, or specifying conditions relevant to your query.

Also, you can refer to specific documents or URLs for the answers to be supplemented with relevant knowledge. 

Less contextual prompt More contextual prompt 👍
Create a social media post for our product. Create a social media post for our new eco-friendly skincare line, targeting women aged 25-35 who are interested in sustainable living.
Describe the French Revolution. Describe the key causes of the French Revolution, focusing on social inequality and financial crisis, and how it led to the fall of the monarchy.
<question> Your task is to answer the question using only the provided document and to cite the passage(s) of the document used to answer the question <question>: 
📎 <document>

3. Set Tone and Style

They're what turn your words from sounding like a machine churning out text to something that feels human, personal, and real. 

Standard prompt  Enhanced with tone and style 👍
Write a product ad. Craft an upbeat, engaging ad for a summer beachwear line, capturing the fun and freedom of a beach vacation.
Describe our service. Describe our legal consultation service in a reassuring, professional tone, emphasizing trust and expertise.
Announce a sale. Announce our winter clothing sale with an enthusiastic, festive tone, highlighting the joy of holiday shopping.

❌ In our tone and style toolbox, there's one thing we're tossing out: clichés. You know, those overcooked phrases like "game-changer" or "revolutionary." They're everywhere, like background noise. So, we're saying "no thanks" to these worn-out words. To formulate a prompt to the AI that guides it to avoid clichés, you could say:

<your prompt + avoid using common phrases like 'game-changer', 'revolutionary', 'cutting-edge', 'in the realm
of', 'unlock', 'next level', etc.>

4. Apply Creativity Technique

Here's where we get to play a bit. Instead of the usual prompts, we throw in a twist.

This kind of imaginative prompting gets the creative juices flowing, turning standard requests into something out of a sci-fi novel. 

Standard prompt  Creative rework 👍
Create a brand slogan. Pretend you're an advertising guru in the roaring 1920s. Craft a catchy slogan for a modern smartphone.
Plan a product launch. Envision yourself as a marketing director in a world where virtual reality is the norm. Plan a VR campaign for a new sports shoe line.
Explain a tech gadget. Picture yourself as a wizard in a magical world. Explain how a smartphone is a powerful 'spellbook' to someone from medieval times.

5. Model after examples

You spot a piece that really sings to you – maybe it's the clear headings, the punchy, concise paragraphs, or those nifty bullet points highlighting key facts.

Then, you ask the AI to emulate these qualities in new content. It's important to give AI the example and indicate points you like. 

What you like AI prompt 👍
Personal approach, conversational tone, simple sentences. Write a blog post about urban gardening, using a personal approach, conversational tone, and simple sentences, similar to the provided example <example you like> 

6. Refine step-by-step

Start with a base idea, like a seed, then keep tweaking your prompt based on the AI’s responses. It’s like nurturing a plant to bloom in the direction you want. You start broad, get a response, and then ask again, a bit more focused each time.

Iteration Starting prompt Refined prompt 👍
1st Write a social media ad. Write an ad for a new health drink targeting fitness enthusiasts.
2nd - Emphasize the natural ingredients and energy-boosting benefits in the ad.
3rd - Include a call to action offering a first-purchase discount.

7. Identify challenges and pain points

When you ask ChatGPT about a subject, don't just settle for surface-level information. Push further.

Ask it to specify the challenges and pain points associated with that subject. This approach not only enhances the depth of your content but also ensures that it resonates with your audience on a more personal level.

Less insightful prompt More insightful prompt 👍
Give me an overview of email marketing trends. Describe the current challenges and pain points in email marketing, especially for small businesses.

This strategy is particularly useful when crafting headings or meta descriptions. It allows you to address the core issues your audience faces, making your content incredibly relevant and engaging.

✔ Remember, it’s about hitting the nerve of the problem, offering not just a service or product, but a solution.

Practical Applications for Marketing and Copywriting

Now, it's time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the practical applications where your copy is about to get a serious upgrade.

The examples I prepared are based on our practical experience, they will help you create better content and save time. 

1. Rewrite as a Human

This prompt will craft content that closely mirrors human writing, bypassing AI detection from search engines:

Act as a professional copywriter, help me rewrite text to sound more human focusing on two key elements: "perplexity" and "burstiness." Perplexity is all about how complex the text is, while burstiness looks at how varied the sentences are. You know, like how we humans mix up longer, complex sentences with shorter ones, unlike AI which often keeps things more uniform. So, I need the text to be really complex and varied. Plus, it should be super relevant to the context and totally coherent. Here's what I need reworked: [TEXT]

* Perplexity measures the complexity of text.

** Burstiness compares the variations of sentences.

2. Generate Landing Page Content

This prompt will craft engaging and persuasive content that captivates your visitors and drives conversions:

Generate copy for the landing page optimized for the best conversions, make sure to add main headline and a supporting headline, unique selling proposition, the benefits, a reinforcement statement, closing argument and call to action. Based on following context: Product Name: [PRODUCT_NAME] Product Description: [PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION] Use following facts and numbers: [IMPORTANT_FACTS AND NUMBERS]

3. Get Topic Clusters with Keywords

This prompt will help generate topic clusters enriched with powerful keywords:

Suggest 20 keyword ideas with high search volume based on provided topic [TOPIC]. Organize keywords into 4 clusters. Give each cluster a name.

4. Request Competitor Strategy

This prompt will dvelve into competitors' tactics to reveal their strong and weak points, pricing structure, marketing channels, and top keywords:

Research competitors strategies for a topic [TOPIC]. Identify list of competitors. Add their strong and weak points, pricing structure, marketing channels, if it is known - top keywords they aim to rank for.

5. Generate LinkedIn Ads

This prompt will create compelling LinkedIn Ads that fit to your product like a glove:

Generate 3 very different copies of Linkedin Ad based on the following content. Don't use "look no further" in copy.

Ad 1: Question-Based Opening
• Begin this ad with 2 or 3 engaging questions to grab the reader's attention. These questions should be relevant to the content and encourage the reader to think about their current situation or needs.

Ad 2: Targeted and Humorous
• Start this ad with "Attention [target persona job title/description]." Craft the content to be funny, a bit ridiculous, and highly creative. This ad should directly speak to the target audience in a lighthearted and memorable way.

Ad 3: Long Copy with a Strong Structure
• Construct this ad using either the problem-solution framework or the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) pattern. This should be a longer ad, providing detailed information and guiding the reader through a compelling narrative or argument.

CTAs for Each Ad
• After crafting the three ads, create highly creative and effective CTAs for each. These should be tailored to the style and content of the respective ads and encourage the reader to visit the provided website URL.

6. Brand Voice Transformation

This prompt will adjust the tone of your content to match your desired style ensuring it reflects your brand's unique voice:

Transform this text to align with our brand's voice, which is youthful, energetic, and a bit quirky. The original text is [TEXT]. Please inject humor, modern slang, and a playful tone to make it resonate with a younger audience.

7. Press Release for Company Milestone

This prompt will create a detailed post to introduce a company milestone in a professional way:

Write a press release announcing our company's recent milestone, [MILESTONE]. The release should include background information about the company, details about the milestone, quotes from the CEO, and contact information for media inquiries.

8. Product Description for E-Commerce Site

This prompt will generate product descriptions capturing your product's essence and intriguing your target audience:

Craft a compelling product description for [PRODUCT_NAME]. The description should include the product's features, benefits, and any unique selling points  [FEATURES, BENEFITS, KEY DIFFERENTIATORS]. Use persuasive language to entice potential buyers.

Implementing the Prompts: Your Options

So, you've got these fantastic prompts ready to roll, but how can you put them into action? 

Option 1: Hands-On with ChatGPT

If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can apply these prompts directly in ChatGPT-4.

 👍 This gives you full control over the creative process, allowing you to fine-tune the prompts to meet your specific requirements.

👎 Keep in mind that some prompts may be a bit lengthy, requiring extra time and effort for optimal results. ChatGPT-4 comes with a monthly subscription fee of $20.

Option 2: AIssistify - Your All-in-One Solution

This platform is like a toolbox for marketers and copywriters, offering a handpicked selection of 50+ writing tools.

What makes it awesome? These tools come with ready-to-use prompts designed for specific tasks that pros like you will absolutely love.

Here is how to generate captivating marketing email subjects sparking interest using AIssistify:



And the best part? It's just $10 to get in on the action making it a cost-effective alternative – half the price of a ChatGPT-4 subscription. You also get audio and image options as a cool bonus.


Welcome to a world where every word counts, every strategy is intentional, and your message resonates with a strikingly human touch. You've got the tools; now go create some magic 😉

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