Introducing Random Delay & Enhanced Association Actions in 0CodeTools

We're excited to announce the latest update to our 0CodeTools (ex-1ClickTools) for HubSpot Workflows. It's time to embrace a little unpredictability and efficiency in your CRM activities ✨

New Feature: Random Delay

This feature isn't just about adding variability; it's a strategic tool designed to optimize your workflow processes, from email timing to workload management, in a more efficient and user-friendly way.


Why Random Delay?

Load Distribution: when you bulk enroll objects into heavy workflows, there's a risk of hitting rate limits. HubSpot's standard approach to processing workflows on an object-by-object basis often leads to rapid API calls, which can quickly exceed rate limits.

For instance, when workflows trigger API interactions, and there are rate limits (such as 100 calls per minute), the system can become overwhelmed, resulting in errors.

Random Delay effectively spaces out these API calls, distributing the workload more evenly over time. This not only ensures smoother operations but also maintains system stability by adhering to API rate limits.

Such a mechanism is crucial, particularly in workflows involving contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects, where maintaining the flow and efficiency of API interactions is essential.

Humanize Email Campaigns: sending out a bulk of emails at the exact same time can seem robotic. With the new feature, stagger the sending times, giving your automated emails a more human touch.

Surprise Notifications: keep your sales team engaged and alert with notifications sent at varied, unexpected times.

Practical Applications

Imagine the possibilities:

  • Distribute the load when enrolling numerous contacts into heavy-duty workflows, avoiding rate limiting issues.
  • Send out marketing emails at random times, ensuring each contact feels like they're receiving a personal message.

Enhanced Actions: Smarter, Faster

But that's not all. We've also improved our actions for Find and Associate, Copy Associations, and Change Association Labels:

  • Speed: processes are now 4-5 times faster.
  • Bulk Enrollments: enhanced to work more effectively with bulk enrollments.
  • Advanced Searching: with the improved 'Find and Associate', you can now search for objects by masks. For instance, you can find companies with the domain *

0CodeTools has a set of workflow actions to extend your HubSpot: API WebHook Connector, Add Note, Extract Data from URL, Send email with SendGrid, Send Telegram notifications, Create Notion Page and Notion Database Item, Find and Associate, Copy Associations, Find and Update Object and Generate Random Number/Split Tests in Workflows in one package:


Start in 3 easy steps (start free, no credit card required): register, connect your HubSpot portal and start setting up workflows with your new actions:


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