HubSpot's Custom AI Chatflows Powered by Your Own Data and GPT-4 Turbo

We're thrilled to announce an advanced integration in HubSpot Chatflows: full support for OpenAI Assistants. This feature, powered by the latest GPT-4 Turbo, brings a new level of intelligence and efficiency to your customer interactions.

Say goodbye to generic responses and hello to tailored conversations based on your company data using AI Assistant. Your customers will notice the difference, and so will your team!

How Assistants Work

To enhance your understanding of our new integration, let's see key aspects of the Assistants API briefly:

  • Assistants can call OpenAI’s models with specific instructions to shape their personality and capabilities;
  • They can access various tools, both OpenAI-hosted and externally hosted tools simultaneously;
  • Assistants use persistent threads to manage conversations, storing message history and handling context length limits;
  • They can work with multiple file formats, both in creation and within conversation threads.

diagram-assistantImage source: OpenAI

What's New

Explore the exciting updates in our HubSpot Chatflows integration below:

  1. Enhanced File Support: you can now upload up to 500 MB of files, including text, PDF, HTML and other formats. This allows the Assistant to access and use a wide range of your materials to provide informed, accurate responses.

  2. Advanced Knowledge Retrieval: with this update, the OpenAI Assistant in HubSpot Chatflows becomes more than just a chatbot. It can now understand and retrieve information from your uploaded materials, ensuring that your customers get the most relevant and detailed answers to their queries.

    💡 This feature is available in HubSpot Chatflows only, setting a new standard for customer interaction within the platform. To access OpenAI Assistants, you'll need to have Operations Hub Pro or Enterprise.

Practical Use Cases

These use cases highlight straightforward and practical applications of the Assistants in enhancing both customer and employee experiences:

  1. Automated Customer Support Chat Agents: use your own knowledge database to create chat agents that provide personalized support to your customers.
  2. E-Commerce Support: resolve customers problems or provide product recommendations. 

How to Access Customized AI Chatbot

When it comes to creating a customized AI chatbot, it's straightforward. The method is user-friendly, allowing anyone to build a chatbot without any coding expertise. It's all about making the process secure, simple, and accessible for everyone.

3 easy steps to set up:

  1. Add AI Studio with HubSpot Integration.
  2. Create an Assistant, write instructions, and upload your documents.
  3. Add an AI Action to your Chatflows


Don't wait - start your journey toward smarter, more efficient chatbots now:


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