Introducing AIssistify Pro for HubSpot with New AI-POWERED WORKFLOW Extensions

Remember when we boosted the token limits on all AIssistify subscription plans at no extra charge? Well, we're back with more good news.

Riding on that wave of upgrades, we’re thrilled to roll out AIssistify Pro for HubSpot, and we can't wait to share it with you!

What’s New in AIssistify Pro for HubSpot?

1. GPT-4 Turbo: The Wait is Over

The integration of OpenAI's new GPT-4 Turbo model into AIssistify Workflow Extension for HubSpot is finally here, and it's everything we hoped for and more. It not only brings enhanced capabilities but also comes with an expanded knowledge base, including events up to April 2023.

This means you're not just getting smarter AI, but AI that's up-to-date with the latest global developments, offering insights and analysis that are as current as possible.

2. CoHere Models and Anthropic's Claude 2.1: Expanding Your AI Options

We are broadening AI horizons with the integration of two CoHere Models and Anthropic Claude 2.1 to our lineup. These additions offer robust alternatives to OpenAI, providing you with a set of tools for enhanced data analysis. 


  • CoHere Models – Command and Webbrowsing

The CoHere Models, featuring the Command and Webbrowsing options, are now part of AIssistify for HubSpot. They are designed to empower your marketing strategies with deeper insights and more comprehensive web exploration. With CoHere's Webbrowsing model, you can easily find a company's turnover for the past year or the latest news in your industry.

💡 Use CoHere's Webbrowsing to find up-to-date information like the latest CEO of OpenAI – considering they've had a bit of a musical chairs situation recently, quite a handy feature!

  • Anthropic's Claude 2.1

Claude 2 has recently been in the spotlight with its latest update, as reported on Anthropic's official page. This advancement marks a significant leap in AI technology, making Claude 2 one of the most talked-about AI models today. 

💡 Use Claude 2.1 to analyze complex contracts or draft detailed business plans.

We've put these advanced AI models right into the AIssistify's "Send to AI" extension to make your life easier. This integration is not just about adding more tools; it’s about redefining the possibilities in digital marketing, offering you more capabilities to engage with your audience and analyze market trends. 

3. New Workflow Entensions 

In AIssistify for HubSpot, we've also introduced two transformative workflow extensions that significantly enhance your web exploration capabilities:

  • Extract Web Data: this extension is a powerful tool for scraping the content of any given URL. It not only retrieves the raw text but also provides an AI-generated summary, making it incredibly efficient for gathering and understanding information from a wide range of web sources quickly.

  • Web Search: complementing "Extract Web Data", the "Web Search" extension improves your online research process. By simply entering a query, you receive the top three search results, along with summary for each page, full text from the page and original URLs. This extension is invaluable for quickly finding and using the most relevant information online, saving time and enhancing the accuracy of your research.

💡 All actions within AIssistify's "Send to AI" Extension can be combined. Find the latest company news or an interview with a company’s CEO, then use this information to write a personalized email. 


4. Creativity Control in AIssistify's "Send to AI" extension

Select from four settings – conservative, balanced, creative, or inventive – to ensure the AI’s responses align perfectly with your specific needs, whether you require precise answers or creative content generation.


5. Improved Billing Transparency

We know how important it is to keep an eye on your budget, so we've made a cool update to the "Send to AI" extension. Now, it shows you exactly how many tokens* you're using with each action, making it easier to manage your budget and understand what you're getting out of your AI use. It's all about keeping things clear and straightforward for you!

* What are tokens in the context of AI language models?

And there you have it – the latest AIssistify Pro for HubSpot! We're talking about a set of significant upgrades here:

  • awesome GPT-4 Turbo;
  • versatile CoHere Models;
  • innovative Anthropic's Claude 2.1;
  • handy workflow extensions "Extract Web Data" and "Web Search";
  • clarity on billing and creativity control in "Send to AI".


We're very excited about these updates (and we think you should be too)! So, if this news gets you as pumped as it gets us, why not spread the joy?

Share this post on social media and let's get everyone talking about the cool new era of AI in marketing!

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