AIssistify Updated: More Tokens, Affordable Web Plan & GPT-4 Turbo

We're excited to announce a suite of upgrades and new additions to AIssistify - your HubSpot workflow extension for Marketing, Sales and RevOps teams. These changes are aimed at enriching your user experience and boosting your productivity.

1. Increased token limits across all subscription plans

First of all, we've supercharged AIssistify by supersizing the token* limits at no extra cost to you - to help you do more with AI without stretching the budget.

  • Professional plan: 250,000 tokens Now 500,000 tokens per month, still at only $49/mo. We’ve doubled the capacity to help you achieve twice as much.

  • Professional Plus plan: 1,500,000 tokens Now 2.5 million tokens per month for the unchanged price of $249/mo. That's 1 million extra tokens to automate your processes more effectively.

  • Enterprise plan: 3,000,000 tokens Now 5 million tokens per month, continuing at $449/mo. With 2 million additional tokens, your enterprise AI capabilities just got a major boost.


And we can’t emphasize this enough: we've upgraded your token limits while keeping the pricing exactly the same. It’s our commitment to providing you with the best value and the most powerful AI solutions on the market.

* What are tokens in the context of AI language models?

2. Introducing AIssistify for Web

Meet our new AIssistify for Web Plan, a streamlined offering for those who need the power of AI without HubSpot integration - for the incredible value of just $10/month.  

If you're building your brand or business and need to maximize every dollar, this plan gives you access to technologies that can streamline content creation, customer service, and media production.

What's included?

Why try this plan?

  • Non-stop creativity: with up to 30,000 tokens / month, your creative flow never has to pause for a recharge.
  • Simplicity: this plan is straightforward, focusing purely on AI capabilities. 

We've packed this plan with all the AI tools you love. Take advantage of AIssistify for Web and get right to what you do best. 


*- HubSpot Integration is not included

3. GPT-4 Turbo at your service

The AI landscape is continuously progressing, and we are adapting to these changes. OpenAI's new GPT-4 Turbo model is almost here. It not only brings enhanced capabilities but also comes with an expanded knowledge base, including events up to April 2023.

This upgrade ensures that you will have access to the most advanced AI capabilities instantly, providing you with a truly remarkable experience.

After comprehensive testing, we're thrilled to say that AIssistify will be powered by GPT-4 Turbo from day one of its release. 

4. HubSpot Chatflows enhancement

And the last but not least is a transformative update that significantly elevates customer service - OpenAI Assistant within HubSpot Chatflows

With the introduction of the OpenAI Assistant, you can now upload documents during chat sessions, and AI will analyze the content, whether it's knowledge base, FAQs, documentation, or price lists. It will then provide precise, relevant responses based on the information provided.

This all takes place within the native HubSpot environment, optimizing your workflow so that you don't need any external tools. Available exclusively for HubSpot Operations Hub Professional/Enterprise users. 


We truly believe that this feature will greatly improve your customer interaction and make your services more efficient.

With doubled token limits for our existing plans, the new AIssistify for Web offering, the cutting-edge GPT-4 Turbo, and the innovative HubSpot Chatflows enhancement, we are setting a new standard for AI-enhanced business tools.

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