HubSpot Workflow Extension for Marketing, Sales and RevOps teams

AI solution

GPT-4 Turbo Integration

✔  Any Custom Prompts in Workflows

✔  Diverse AI Model Options

Built by Resonate, Growth Marketing Agency, HubSpot Partner

AI-powered HubSpot Automation

HubSpot Integration: Get the power of OpenAI inside HubSpot CRM

AI Studio brings the power of the most advanced AI models in HubSpot CRM: OpenAI's new GPT-4 Turbo, CoHere Models, and Anthropic's Claude 2.

Use any custom prompts inside HubSpot Workflows for tasks like summarizing, data formatting, translation, lead form spam detection, and much more. 

For Enterprise customers we offer creation of your custom AI models trained on your material. For example, we can take emails written by your sales managers and train AI algorithms to generate better replies in your style. To ensure a smooth transition, explore our onboarding service.

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Transforming HubSpot with Advanced AI Features

Send to AI

Use any custom prompts inside Workflows. This action allows you to automate tasks, for example draft emails replying to customer requests (form submissions or tickets), making your HubSpot experience smarter and more efficient.

Translate with DeepL

Break down language barriers with DeepL integration. Instantly translate customer communications and marketing materials to connect with a global audience.

Company Insights

Gain deep insights into businesses you engage with. Generates descriptions based on real-time data, more accurate than HubSpot company descriptions. 

Detect Lead Spam

Keep your database clean and focused. Efficiently filter out spam from your lead forms, ensuring that your sales team spends time on genuine prospects.

Extract Web Data

Turn the internet into your data goldmine. Effortlessly pull relevant data from the web for market research, or competitive analysis, directly feeding into your HubSpot campaigns.

Web Search

By simply entering a query, receive the top three search results, along with summary for each page, full text from the page and original URLs. This extension is invaluable for quickly finding and using the most relevant information online.

Custom AI Chatflows: Customer Support with Your Own Data

Our integration with OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo means your chat services are now more intelligent and responsive 

✔ Create Chat Agents using your own knowledge base for automated, personalized customer support.

✔ Ideal for e-commerce, these Chatflows can handle customer queries, solve problems, and offer tailored product recommendations.


AIssistify's Other Capabilities: More Than Just Workflows

AI Text Generation | Write emails, blog posts, social posts 11x times faster 😉

AI Image Generation | Convert text to image with 4 powerful models, or create image from image

AI Chat | Quick results for basic tasks, high-quality for advanced ones

AI Audio Tools | Create, transcribe, and convert with our suite of solutions

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Experience the extraordinary with our continuously expanding suite of 50+ AI Tools, including:

• AI-Crafted Sales Email Drafts

• AI-Powered Website Parser

• Voice Over Generator

• AI-Powered YouTube Transcriber, and more. 


We help Marketing, Sales and RevOps teams to perform better with AI-powered tools

Outbound Campaigns

Automate data enrichment, create better personalized emails in seconds, automatically create drafts of emails and Linkedin messages.  

Inbound campaigns

Automate customer personalized response drafts, Summarize customer request and use it in automatic reply. Identify seniority and job function by a job title. Get rid of spam-leads. 

Content marketing and SEO

Generate content that passes AI-generated text checks. Generate guest posts, expand your content, correct grammar and generate meta tags that stand out in SERP.

Websites and landing pages

Generate landing pages content, generate CTAs and ideas for improving conversion rates. 

Social media posts and profiles

Generate social media posts, profiles/bios, comments and ad copy.

Customer success

Classify customer requests and tickets, prioritize tickets, personalize automated customer replies.