Cohere Integration with HubSpot

Transform your approach to HubSpot Workflows with Cohere-powered actions

CoHere's Command and Webbrowsing are now part of AI Studio for HubSpot. This integration transforms how you interact with customers, offering a level of personalization and understanding only possible through AI. 

Efficiency in Marketing and Sales

AI Studio brings the power of Cohere in HubSpot CRM. Use any custom prompts inside HubSpot Workflows.

Cohere's AI integration streamlines sales and marketing efforts within HubSpot, aiding in lead prioritization, customer segmentation, and crafting personalized outreach emails.

For Enterprise customers we offer creation of your custom AI models trained on your material (for example we can take emails written by your sales managers and train AI algorithms to generate better replies in your style.

workflow - prepare for a meeting w 2

Marketing and Sales Use Cases

  • Draft highly personalized outbound emails
  • Draft context-based replies for inbound customer requests
  • Categorize and prioritize leads
  • Segment your customers without creating overly complicated workflows
  • Use summary of Form Submissions in automatic replies
  • Identify buyer personas based on Job title and other information you've collected
  • Identify leads demographic. Extract First name from the Full Name (for any language)
AI for sales and marketing

Customer Service Use Cases

  • Write a draft response for a ticket
  • Identify topic of support ticket
  • Classify and prioritize customer request
  • Sentiment analysis of the ticket
  • Ticket routing based in identified category
  • Automatically translate customer requests
ticket ai response

Adaptive AI Responses

Select from four settings: conservative, balanced, creative, or inventive.

Ensure the AI’s responses align perfectly with your specific needs, whether you require precise answers or creative content generation.