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HubSpot Marketing Hub

To connect with customers — at the right time, in the right place, with the right message — you need a new way to think about how your customer and marketing engagement data interact.

Campaigns are a key growth basis for businesses when done well. Good marketers know key ingredients to running a great campaign are alignment across teams, engagement throughout the
customer journey and reporting that drives decisions.

So why are campaigns so hard to get right?

  • Marketers need to switch between multiple tools so alignment on goals and execution is impossible
  • Customer data is broken up between different apps so marketers have no unified customer view
  • Marketers have to wait in line for opps to pull reporting and customer data they need from different tools
  • The buyer journey is becoming more complex, and without a single customer view, marketers don’t know who to target, with what, or when.

Switching between systems means marketers are jumping through cognitive hoops on a daily basis, searching for the data and tools they need, and losing productivity in the process.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro is built differently. It is the only Marketing Automation platform built on top of a CRM, so all the tools you need and all your customer data is at your fingertips.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional provides:

  • Alignment on seamless campaign execution with Campaign Orchestration tools
  • Engagement via multiple customer touch points with Omni-channel Automation
  • Insights that drive decision making with Powerful Reporting

Omni-channel Automation

Workflows: Visual, No-Code Automation Builder

Build personalized automated campaigns in minutes with workflows: HubSpot’s custom powerful no-code automation engine.

The workflows editor makes it easy to architect complex automations in real time, whether you’re building simple follow-up campaigns or complex multi-stage journeys. Plus, you can easily export an image of your workflows to share with col
leagues and clients who don’t have access to HubSpot.

Ads, Social, Content, and Form Automation

Design omni-channel campaigns to reach your audience wherever they are most likely to engage with your brand - from your website to social channels. HubSpot workflows encompass:

  • Ad sequencing
  • Ad event syncing for optimization
  • Blog -> social auto-publish
  • Social send time automation & optimization
  • Social post scheduling
  • Form follow-up emails

Plus, you can browse our workflow extensions library to integrate new channels into your campaigns like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more.



Migration Services

Marketo to HubSpot Migration

Migrate Marketo customer data and marketing assets (Landing pages, Emails, Forms, Programs) to HubSpot. 

Salesforce to HubSpot Migration

Migrate Salesforce Sales Cloud data (leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, campaigns and custom objects) to HubSpot

Pipedrive to HubSpot Sales Hub Migration

Migrate to a more advanced all-in-one platform for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Bitrix24 to HubSpot Migration

Migrate to a reliable solution for sales and marketing hosted in US and Europe.

Wordpress to HubSpot Migration

Migrate your website to HubSpot CMS and get Free CRM right inside your website platform. 

HubSpot and Salesforce Integration

Integrate HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub with Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

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