Anthropic's Claude 2 Integration with HubSpot

Transform your approach to HubSpot Workflows with Claude-powered actions

Antropic's LLM is now part of AIssistify for HubSpot. With Claude 2's unique ability to handle up to 100K tokens per prompt, equivalent to around 75,000 words, experience 12 times the standard capacity offered by GPT-4.

Efficiency in Marketing and Sales

AIssistify brings the power of Claude 2 in HubSpot CRM. Use any custom prompts inside HubSpot Workflows.

This integration facilitates more efficient sales and marketing strategies by assisting in the prioritization of leads, segmentation of customers, and the creation of personalized outreach communications.

For Enterprise customers we offer creation of your custom AI models trained on your material (for example we can take emails written by your sales managers and train AI algorithms to generate better replies in your style.

workflow - prepare for a meeting w 2

Marketing and Sales Use Cases

  • Create outbound emails that are highly tailored to each recipient
  • Generate replies for inbound customer queries based on the context
  • Efficiently categorize and prioritize incoming leads
  • Simplify the process of segmenting your customer base
  • Utilize form submission summaries in automated responses
  • Analyze collected data to determine buyer personas, including job titles
  • Extract and utilize demographic details from lead information, such as deriving first names from full names in any language
AI for sales and marketing

Customer Service Use Cases

  • Draft initial responses for incoming support tickets
  • Analyze and determine the main topic of each support ticket
  • Categorize and assign priority levels to customer requests effectively
  • Route tickets based on the category identified by Claude
  • Seamlessly translate customer requests for broader accessibility and understanding
ticket ai response

Adaptive AI Responses

Select from four settings: conservative, balanced, creative, or inventive.

Each setting is designed to ensure that the AI's output, whether it requires precision or creativity, aligns perfectly with your content generation or response requirements.

This flexibility is key to customizing the AI's functionality for various business scenarios.