Top 7 Tools to Supercharge your HubSpot

When we create new solutions, the natural starting point of any discussion is to brainstorm. During one of such sessions, we remembered tools that have already been recognized by our team or integrated with clients' systems. Anyway, we decided not to be greedy and instead, share the top 7 tools to supercharge your HubSpot functionality. 

1. OpenAI in HubSpot CRM OpenAI in HubSpot CRM - Bring OpenAI/GPT-3 into HubSpot Workflows | Product Hunt

The idea here is that with integration of HubSpot Workflows with OpenAI/GPT-3, you can use natural language to easily process leads, answer customer requests and manage data. 


Companies can expect overall productivity and efficiency due to AI-powered workflows and chatflows, ability to translate using DeepL, produce a unique company description, and even create personalized outbound sales emails.

Moreover, all these features are based on the latest version of GPT-4, which means the processing times have never been faster. 

Below we strive to highlight the best use cases for the different needs:

  • Draft context-based replies for inbound customer requests
  • Categorize and prioritize leads
  • Segment your customers without creating overly complicated workflows
  • Use summary of Form Submissions in automatic replies and much more.
Customer Service:
  • Write a draft response for a ticket
  • Classify and prioritize customer request
  • Ticket routing based in identified category
  • Automatically translate customer requests and much more.

Learn more about the newest AI-powered tools.

2. 1ClickTools: ToolBox for HubSpot

1ClickTools is a comprehensive toolbox for HubSpot that provides a range of powerful features to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. With 1ClickTools, you can streamline your workflows and automate processes in HubSpot CRM.

Using this tool you can save time and effort when adding notes to multiple records or automating the process of adding notes to the timeline.

add note workflow action

For instance, a company is using workflows to fix, update, or change properties as they improve their internal processes. For these situations, it would be helpful to include a generalized note on either the contact or company record to explain the reason behind the record or property change. This would be particularly important since they usually delete the workflow after the updates are completed.

Additionally, you can use this feature to track milestones or events in your HubSpot records. Say you want to track the recent activity of contacts in your CRM platform, but you've noticed that form submissions don't update the "last activity date" field in the contact record. To work around this, you can set up a workflow that automatically creates a note in the contact record whenever a customer submits a form. This note would update the "recent activity date" field, allowing you to track engagement accurately. 

Another useful feature of 1ClickTools is its ability to copy associations from one record to another. This feature can give you a helping hand when you need to duplicate associations between records, such as copying deal associations from one company record to another.

copy associations 2

For example, you have a new company record that you need to associate with the same deals as an existing company record. Without 1ClickTools, you would need to manually go through each deal and associate it with the new company record. With 1ClickTools, you can simply select the existing company record, choose the option to copy associations, and then select the new company record. 1ClickTools will then automatically copy all deal associations from the existing company record to the new one.

In the demo video below you will see how 1ClickTools can help streamline daily tasks with three essential features:

  1. Adding a note to a timeline;
  2. Finding and associating objects;
  3. Copying associations.

The tool has been recently updated with new features:

4) Send an email with SendGrid

When you link your SendGrid API, you can send emails to any email address from any domain linked to your SendGrid account. Additionally, use this feature with custom objects and select any property to use as the sender's email.

5) Generate a random number

This feature is very helpful when it comes to conducting split tests in HubSpot workflows. The process for a basic split test is pretty straightforward: just set the minimum value to 0, the maximum value to 1, and then create a Value Equal Branch Action.

6) CRM Card: Links

Now you can seamlessly access and open Google Docs/Sheets, ClickUp Projects/Tasks/Docs, Miro boards, Figma projects, and other documents within the HubSpot interface. 

7) Extract content from URL

This feature is used to capture and save fresh content from a customer's website as a note. Additionally, it can be further combined with AI assistant to summarize the content, further streamlining your workflows.

8) Find and update associated object

This feature allows one to locate an associated object based on a specific property value and update its properties accordingly. It can be of help in contact or company-based workflows, where you may need to locate an associated deal and move it through the pipeline or change other related properties.

3. Saas Toolkit

SaaS Toolkit is designed to make life easier for SaaS companies, who want to track standard actions such as registration, free trial, subscriptions, payments, feature activation, etc. in HubSpot CRM. 

Instead of having to manage several integration projects and two-way data synchronization, this toolkit allows full integration into Hubspot in just 1-2 hours, not months or even years. 

As a result, you'll have the full lead and activation funnel right there in Hubspot, meaning no more need for third-party solutions. This simplifies full funnel reporting, segmentation, and automation, making it easier and more transparent for SaaS companies.


4. VLOOKUP for Workflow

VLOOKUP from Cambium Apps enables users to quickly search data sources such as Google Sheets and Excel/CSV files to locate a specific value. Once found, the value can either be used as a condition in a workflow or as part of an automated action.


This is an incredibly useful feature for managing data from multiple sources, as it allows users to keep track of all their data without having to switch between platforms. Furthermore, users can easily update and manage their data sources to ensure that their workflows stay up to date. With the VLOOKUP Workflow Action, complex workflows are simplified, saving time and enabling users to quickly and easily segment contacts, create customized messages, or trigger notifications based on certain criteria.

Its key integration features are as follows:

  • VLOOKUP Workflow Action
  • Google Sheets Sources
  • Excel/CSV Sources
  • Simple Administration

With VLOOKUP, users can: 

  • Run vlookups and complex calculations across multiple tables
  • Automate cross-table analytics
  • Generate reports and insights on specific data points
  • Leverage existing workflows to quickly perform data manipulation tasks
  • Access relevant data faster and more accurately
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Streamline data analysis processes
  • Reduce manual effort and data entry errors
  • Save time and money

You can run a free, 14-day trial to determine whether VLOOKUP is for you. If it is, VLOOKUP has an annual subscription.

5. Realize Theme for HubSpot

Using the free version of HubSpot is not enough to create effective landing pages, website pages, blogs, and other content. To maximize its value, you need a quality theme. That's where Realize Theme for HubSpot comes in - it's the best option available.

It combines the utmost flexibility and good value to meet your business and SEO challenges. It strikes a good balance between features, design, and customization. 

Here are some of the best options in Realize that you definitely should try out:

  • Flexible and consistent editor mode
  • Highly customizable templates and modules, unlimited design variations
  • Mobile image optimization. Retina support
  • No duplicated modules: easy to find what you need
  • Deep integration with HubSpot: from HubSpot Video, Drag’n’drop
  • Compatible with any edition of CMS Hub (Starter, Pro, Enterprise) or Marketing Hub (Pro/Enterprise)

Get ThemeDo you need extra functionality? Ask for HubDB, Custom objects, or 100% custom design (a subject of extra custom development costs).

HubSpot CMS themes are a great investment for any business because they provide a cost-effective way to create a professional and polished website. Businesses can leverage web themes to quickly launch a website without a web designer or a developer. 

Other web page builders HubSpot’s CMS tools
  • Website point solution
  • Requires extra tools that are a pain to integrate
  • Customization is difficult
  • Reporting is limited, so you can’t tell what’s helping you generate leads
  • All-on-one business tool
  • All the tools you need on your website automatically work together
  • Customization is simple
  • Robust reporting helps you prioritize your time

We have prepared an overview of the best HubSpot CMS themes which includes data on the largest market players. Spoiler: the article includes performance testing to effectively measure the most popular HubSpot CMS themes across desktop and mobile devices.


6. provides AI-driven transcription and natural language processing technology to capture both video and audio from your sales and marketing meetings, and generate accurate transcripts in a matter of minutes. You can can record your meetings in high-quality video, and the transcript will be generated quickly with speaker identification and timestamps.

Here is how can benefit your business:

  • Automated Transcription: the tool makes it easy to record and transcribe your HubSpot sales and marketing meetings in real-time, so you don't have to manually take notes. This saves your team time and helps you stay on top of important conversations during the meeting.
  • Integration with HubSpot: integrates seamlessly with HubSpot. This means that you can automatically sync your HubSpot contacts and meetings with
  • Actionable Insights: get them to identify common themes, pain points, objections, and opportunities. You can also use these insights to improve your HubSpot sales and marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Improved Collaboration: share meeting transcripts and notes with your team members, and assign key tasks and follow-up activities seamlessly.

7. Custom Objects

One of the most powerful Enterprise-tier Hubspot solutions are custom objects. Custom objects are a way to store and manage any custom data within the Hubspot platform from projects, accounts, conversions, insurance policies, webinar registrations, payments, subscriptions, inventory and more). With Custom Objects, you can capture data that's unique to your business.

Here are some examples of custom objects that could be created in HubSpot for different industries and use cases:

  • Hotels: Room type/Bookings/Check-in and Check-out dates.
  • Logistics: Shipments/Lanes.
  • E-commerce: Inventory/Items.
  • Real Estate: Properties/Location.
  • SaaS: Transactions/Subscriptions/Subscription type/Billing frequency.
  • Education: Courses/Instructors.
  • Retail: Products/Orders/SKU/Inventory level.

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities for custom objects in HubSpot are endless and can be tailored to the specific needs of each business.

What advantages do Hubspot Custom Objects offer compared to other data management solutions?
  • Businesses can customize and organize their data in a way that is tailored to their specific needs. 
  • They are easy to use: one can quickly search, filter, and report on their data.
What can you do with custom objects?

After creating a custom object you can do most of the things you do with standard objects like Deals or Tickets and a few other things: 

  • Set custom object workflows or use associated custom object as a trigger for standard object workflows;
  • Create reports and data sets based on custom object data;
  • Set custom associations between custom objects;
  • Set up pipelines and stages;
  • Use custom objects as a database for your website;
  • Use dynamic email data inside HubSpot with emails that capture data from custom object associated with contacts.
How do I create an custom object in HubSpot?

For information on manually creating a custom object through HubSpot’s API, you can find custom object documentation on their API docs website.

Alternatively, you can get advice on implementation of custom objects, including reviews and training, from a HubSpot solutions partner. Resonate brings together marketing and CRM consultants, web developers who help businesses to get the most out of HubSpot with onboarding, implementation and integration, migration, and development services.

Each of the HubSpot tools listed above streamlines your marketing efforts, making them easier to manage, more efficient, and more effective. By taking advantage of their features, you can get the most out of your Hubspot marketing efforts, growing your marketing campaigns with ease.

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