Paid advertising examples in B2B

For decades traditional marketing techniques, such as paid advertising, have worked great for businesses. But you can still find lots of discussions on the Internet where people are trying to figure out what types of ads perform best on LinkedIn, for example.

In this article, we will look at some of the best paid ads and explain how they are used to reach the target audience in the most effective way. By the way, we know helpful tips you can try to get the most out of your paid advertising campaigns. 

What is paid advertising?

How do paid ads work? In terms of B2B, paid advertising is a type of marketing used to reach specific companies with targeted ads and generate more leads and build brand awareness. In addition, paid advertising is used to attract new followers to a brand page on a social network. Each social platform offers its own form of paid advertising and characteristics (both active and weak). 

What B2B marketers should know about paid ads?

Have no clue where to begin? While some channels can see more instantaneous results - paid ads, PR, direct response, etc, running those types of campaigns successfully, takes a deep understanding of its key components (which again, takes time). Here are the most important aspects that you need to pay attention to: 

  1. Define the target audience: before launching any paid ad campaign, dive into demographic characteristics, interests, and preferences of your audience.
  2. Identify your goals: you need to know key performance indicators and what exactly you want to accomplish with your paid ads, and how you're going to accomplish it. This way you will be able to craft effective strategies and measure results. 
  3. Treat each social platform strategically and accurately: various paid ad platforms offer different options so that B2B marketers should choose the platform that best suits their goals and target audience. For example, LinkedIn ads for B2B is a great choice to target professionals. In this article, top paid ad copies will be analyzed on the example of LinkedIn ads.
  4. Test, optimize, and repeat: the "set-and-forget" practice will now be a thing of the past when working on paid advertising. The aim is to monitor closely and, if feasible, to experiment with different ad copies and visuals to optimize the results. 

Paid ads in digital marketing

Best practices

You can not create a new one if you try to keep up with someone and stay within the trend. However, the identification of best practices is one of the main outcomes on the way to a cool ad copy. 

1. Splunk

This LinkedIn ad is effective because its message is clear and concise. It immediately draws attention to the very real and pressing threat posed by cybercriminals. Asking "Is your organization prepared for new threats?" in a straightforward and honest manner, it taps into a common fear or anxiety and induces readers to take action.

The ad also provides a very specific and detailed call-to-action by directing readers to a page where they can start identifying the top 50 cybersecurity threats that their organization should care about. This makes it easy for readers to act on the ad's message and serves as an effective way to capture leads and generate conversions.

best paid advertising examples


2. Freshworks

When it comes to the basics of running effective ads, one should remember relevant keywords. The next example of paid ads includes striking keywords such as "omnichannel" and "ITSM" (information technology service management) that are likely to draw attention of the target audience.

Also, it contains the so-called "visually appealing" numbers - 3, 6, 9, 0. The effect of such numbers is merely identified by readers. As for the concise ad text, it provides a clear call to action, which encourages readers to take the next step and register.

paid advertising examples

3. Scienaptic AI

Let's move on to the next paid content examples. It provides the names of the panelists, who are all seasoned leaders in the credit union market, further demonstrating the expertise of the webinar. This is further emphasized by the introduction of "insights" that adds a semantic component of exclusiveness. The ad text also includes a call to action with the phrase "Register now!" which encourages readers to take the desired action. All of these elements together make the ad text effective from the point of B2B marketing. 

linkedin paid ads best practices


Another illustration of great ads 2022 is presented below. This LinkedIn ad text is effective because it provides potential customers with relevant information and solutions to their problems. It speaks directly to the target audience by emphasizing the benefits of the event and outlining specific topics that will be covered such as "Where to start?" and "What technology to try out first, and where to find it?", which are relevant and useful for law firm owners.

The use of the words "opportunity," "free," and "Q&A session" further entices the reader to click and attend the event. By mentioning three (!) law firm owners, it creates a sense of authority and credibility in the company's services. Does it increase customers' trust? For sure!

Furthermore, the ad text also encourages readers to take action by providing a link to sign up for the event. It also creates a sense of urgency by mentioning that the webinar is on October 7th and it's free.

Overall, this ad text is effective in B2B marketing as it provides valuable information and solutions to the readers' needs and emphasizes the benefits of the event. 

linkedin ads for b2b

5. Malwarebytes 

This LinkedIn ad text speaks up directly to the needs of a business. By mentioning the CISO Choice Award, it adds credibility to the product which is presented as a reliable and proven solution for the high-grown endpoint security market.

The language of the message is also clear and direct. It highlights the key benefits of the product such as eliminating malware, avoiding false positives, and saving time in a few words. These benefits are appealing to businesses and are likely to influence readers to click the ad and learn more about the product and Malwarebytes.

In addition, one should pay attention to the numeric values used in the headline. The aim is to give people a shortcut to the offer so that they understand it instantly. 

Contrasting colors of text and background also contribute to better visual perception. What's more, blue is typically considered a masculine color associated with calmness, tranquility, stability, and responsibility. So, in the case of Malwarebytes, the color communicates authority and stability, values customers expect from the service providing cyber protection.

how do paid ads work

6. LastPass

This ad message is specifically targeting a particular type of business - law firms. Mentioning "password management for law firms" in the headline, the ad immediately captures the attention of the reader who may be looking for solutions to protect their clients' data. 

A bright image, large fonts, a minimum of text and a maximum of useful information about a secure method to keep critical information safe, secure, and easily accessible - these are LinkedIn paid ads best practices.

best paid ads


7. Polymath

The ad below starts with a question that is relevant to the target audience. This immediately grabs the attention of potential leads and makes them wonder what the challenges are that need to be addressed.

As for the ad, it targets specific issues that modern capital markets face when it comes to blockchain and security tokens. Highlighting 5 challenges, it establishes a problem and then clearly states the solution - a guide. This encourages readers to click the link to learn more. 


8. A Cloud Guru

First of all, like all examples of paid advertising presented earlier, this one has a strong central message. The text implies that readers can take their cloud skills to the next level by taking advantage of the Cyber Week savings. It may seem to be an attractive offer to professionals who are looking to improve their skills or get a better job. 

Secondly, using a bold number entices readers to take advantage of the offer. The word combination "Cyber Week" reinforces the idea that this is a limited-time offer, adding an extra layer of urgency to the ad.

Finally, everything mentioned above together with the brand name communicate the value of the product.

great ads 2022

9. Pluralsight

Promoting the opportunity to master the latest in software development, this ad speaks directly to the needs of its target audience. Such trends as AI, machine learning, and security are a truly persuasive incentive for professionals in the tech industry.

The text is concise and to the point. It encourages readers to “advance their career” - a message that resonates with professionals looking to get ahead in their field.

The ad also offers a free month, which provides further motivation to purchase a subscription and act quickly. 

linkedin ads b2b


10. Security 101

This ad is using a powerful approach which consists of the formula: someone needs to do X in order to Y. This proves to be especially effective in engaging the target audience and encouraging them to take action.

One cannot but notice relevant hashtags that can help reach more people in the target audience - pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers in Atlanta. By emphasizing safety and productivity, this ad text appeals to the reader's sense of responsibility and desire for efficiency.

Furthermore, it mentions two reputable companies, Honeywell and TEAM101 that provide the necessary security solutions, giving readers the assurance that they are in good hands.

what b2b marketers should know about linkedin ads

11. Fortinet

The ad represents a good way of targeting and getting a specific industry interested in your offer. It is addressed to big pharma companies and specifies an issue that is of particular concern - cyberattacks. It is highlighted in a concise and clear manner. The word “Prescribing” also implies that the solution is a necessity, which affects the perception of a threat. 


Paid advertising is recognized to be an incredibly powerful tool for companies looking to expand their reach and drive maximum results. What can B2B marketers do with the right strategy in place? They create targeted ads that reach their target audience, heightening brand awareness and generating leads. 

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