Updated AIssistify: Next-Level Data Enrichment within HubSpot

We're excited to introduce the new AIssistify feature - Contact Insights, which enables AI-powered data enrichment without leaving HubSpot.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for businesses aiming to attract new leads and gain a better understanding of their prospects. To make the most out of it, it's important that businesses integrate their prospecting data into HubSpot.

But let's be real, keeping track of all the data you can gather and importing it directly into CRM is really tricky, not to mention time-consuming.

With Contact Insights, one can save basic information like the LinkedIn profile headline, job title, descriptions of the profile and the last job, as well as insights that have been processed by AI. These insights cover a wide range of information, from a prospect’s behavior to their interests, making it possible to craft personalized outreach campaigns that really hit the mark.

Here's what you can expect with AIssistify's Contact Insights for HubSpot:

  • Enhanced Contact Profiles: Gain a deeper understanding of your leads with enriched contact data, including demographics, professional background, and interests.
  • Improved Lead Scoring: With more comprehensive data at your fingertips, identify high-value leads and prioritize your sales and marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Seamless HubSpot Integration: Everything you need is managed directly within HubSpot, eliminating the need to switch between software and streamlining your workflow.

AIssistify offers two Contact Insights options: Essential and Detailed. The Essential one gives you a quick overview of a contact based on their LinkedIn URL. On the other hand, if you're a sales manager getting ready for a meeting, the Detailed description is the way to go. It offers a more comprehensive summary of the contact, so you can get all the information you need to succeed.

In short, AI-powered data enrichment in HubSpot means that you can focus on reaching out to the right people and creating content that's tailored to their professional interests.

However, AIssistify goes beyond that - it includes other actions that leverage the power of AI to help you automate tasks and improve your productivity. Learn more about AIssistify.

AIssistify solutions provide added value to your business:

  • Up-to-Date Company Profiles: AIssistify scans your customers' websites in real-time, providing an accurate overview of their current business activities (even if they just pivoted yesterday - you'll be in the know).
  • Smarter Segmentation: Leverage enriched data to create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns and deliver personalized content that resonates with your audience.
  • Personalized AI-Powered Outbound Campaigns: Automate your outreach efforts with AI-generated messaging tailored to each lead based on their enriched profiles, ensuring relevant and engaging interactions that drive results.
  • One-Click Email Replies: Save time and boost productivity with AI-generated email responses. With just one click, craft thoughtful and personalized replies to your leads, accelerating your sales cycle and fostering stronger relationships.



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