Inbound 2022: What's new in HubSpot? Customer Journey Analytics, WhatsApp, Custom Tabs and more

Last week at the annual Inbound Conference HubSpot introcuded major updates to all the Hubs.

Records (Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets and Custom objects) Overview Tab + Custom Tabs

You can now see critical information on a new overview tab on all records. Pro+ customers can configure the layout and which properties are shown such as property highlights, a recent activities card, and associations tables. These customers can also configure conditional logic to show different data to different teams. With Service & Sales Hub Enterprise, developers can create custom cards with development tools to feature on the custom tab.

HubSpot and WhatsApp Business Integration

Teams can connect a WhatsApp business account as a messaging channel in the shared inbox and communicate with
prospects and customers. This launch will support both business initiated and contact initiated WhatsApp messages (video and images supported), and conversations will be visible on the contact record

Customer Journey Analytics in HubSpot

Customer Journey

Marketers’ goals and reporting needs are vastly different between organizations and one-size-fits-all reporting often doesn’t make the cut. New customer journey analytics gives marketers the ability to visualize their customer’s entire end-to-end journey and get deep insights into how to optimize the moments that matter most for increased conversion

Inbound Calling

Provide reps with unique phone numbers that can be used to place outbound and receive inbound calls right from and to their personal phone - without exposing their personal number. Even better, record, transcribe, and coach based on the content of these calls with transcriptions live in the CRM.

* - Note: HubSpot-provided numbers for inbound calling are now available in the US, UK, and Canada).

Custom Object Builder and Data Model Overview

Hubspot Standard Objects

Customize your data model around your company —not the other way around. With HubSpot Custom Objects, your CRM setup can be as
unique as your business. And with the new custom object builder, you've got a simple, intuitive way to build your custom objects. No
code required. It allows an admin to define the name, plural name, and first property of a custom object. It requires them to use separate tools to manage associations, create custom properties, and set up customizations.


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