Resonate Adds New AIssistify Features Powered by GPT 3.5 for HubSpot

We're excited to announce that the integration of AIssistify with HubSpot has been extended with new actions, now leveraging the power of OpenAI's latest version of GPT 3.5.

Resonate previously developed an integration between OpenAI's GPT 3 and HubSpot (learn how we launched AIssistify on the HubSpot Marketplace). It incorporated two important features: workflows and chatflows.

Due to AI Assistant in workflows, companies could automate tasks like summarizing, data formatting, or translation in HubSpot. Meanwhile, chatflows were a great way to simplify conversations with customers and prospects, with the ability to capture contact information or answer common questions.

To further enhance the capabilities of HubSpot workflows Resonate has now added new AIssistify features - let's dive into them! 


1. Translate with DeepL

Translate with DeepL is a versatile feature that can translate a wide range of content types and is also compatible with custom objects. It is possible to translate customer requests, customer properties, and even auto-generated responses, as well as any data that is saved in custom objects. Now, the total number of supported languages is 31. We use DeepL as the translation engine for AIssistify because of its excellent machine translation quality, which is more accurate compared to OpenAI's.

2. Company Insights

With this feature, businesses can benefit from the power of AI to analyze a website or a landing page of any company and produce AI-analysis and description that can be saved directly in HubSpot records. This AI-generated content is different from the pre-made summaries already available in HubSpot. The AI-generated version takes real-time information and is based on its own unique summary, detailing both the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

There are two types of Company Insights available in AIssistify: Essential and Detailed. The Essential description provides a brief overview of the company based on its website content and it is helpful for creating chains of AI-actions (like generating outbound emails based on company description), while the Detailed description offers a more comprehensive summary that might be useful for sales managers preparing for the meetings.

3. Sales Email Draft

With this feature, you can get a draft email that's customized to your clients' needs and preferences. Select from different variables like email type, tone of voice, call to action, and even your prospect's job title, company name, and company description. Best of all, the generated email is not automatically sent, so you have a chance to review and further personalize the content before sending it to your prospects. Additionally, you can choose to send the email via preferred channel and automate the sending process using workflows and our integration with SendGrid.

This feature will give you a more efficient outreach strategy, improved conversion rates, and ultimately help you deliver high-quality, personalized emails that will resonate with your customers.

At Resonate, we are committed to helping businesses enhance their productivity and efficiency through the latest technology solutions. To further this goal, we are excited to announce that all AIssistify services have been upgraded to the latest version of GPT - 3.5. This upgrade marks a significant improvement to our AI-powered tools as GPT 3.5 offers faster processing times. 

By leveraging the power of GPT 3.5 and new actions, AIssistify can deliver even more value to businesses. This is done through the automation of routine tasks and providing intelligent insights that work towards the achievement of better outcomes. With this upgrade, we're confident that we can help our clients achieve even greater levels of productivity and efficiency. Want expert assistance to amplify your HubSpot performance? Learn about AIssistify's Onboarding Service or


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