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    Inbound Marketing | 1 min read

    Next Big Thing in Hubspot pricing - Here's how you can save

    Hubspot keeps working on optimizing their pricing making their platform while adding new features and introducing new packages. 
    Probably the biggest change is the introduction of Hubspot CMS as an add-on. Yes, you can now get CMS without getting Marketing package. 
    Savings tip #1 (save from $112/month):If you’re looking to one of the Starter packages (Sales, Marketing or Service) and CMS - you should consider signing up for Growth Suite Starter. Growth Suite is a package of Sales, Marketing and Service packages with discount. And with Growth package you get 25% discounts on all add-ons. So if you purchase Marketing Starter with CMS it will cost you $350/month. But if you sign up for Growth Suite Starter it will cost you $338/month. You not only save few bucks a month but also you get Sales Starter and Service Starter without extra costs.
    Saving tip #2 (save from $300/month during first months):If you are looking to build website based on Hubspot CMS - please contact us and we set you up free unlimited CMS account - where you (by yourself or with our help) can build website (or blog or landing pages) and start paying license fee only when you go live.
    Next change is discontinue of Marketing Basic package ($200/month). While CMS is a bit more expensive than discontinued Marketing Basic product, most of Basic users were paying higher fee because Basic package had only 100 contacts. New Marketing Starter package that costs $50/month includes 1000 contacts with $20/month for every extra thousand of contacts. 
    Saving tip #3 (save up to $2400 for the first month):If you are looking to sign up for Marketing Starter, Pro or Enterprise - please contact us to get free 30-day trial (with the only limitation that you won’t be able to send out emails). That’s a good approach to save on the first month while you’re setting up and learn the new system. With the free trial you get one free session with our Hubspot expert to help you setting up. 
    Hubspot introduced Enterprise packages for Sales and Service Hubs and added lots of new features to Marketing Enterprise. Hubspot Growth Stack offers Enterprise and Pro stacks where you can get all three hubs for a discounted price. 
    Saving tip #4 (save up to $3000): You can save on onboarding fee ($6000 for Enterprise, $3000 for Pro) when you sign up with certified partner and we offer flexible onboarding and training packages for customers that purchase Hubspot license with our agency. 
    Not sure what package is right for you? Want to setup a personalized demo? 
    Get in touch with us by filling this form or start a live chat and I’m sure we can help to find the perfect solution for your needs and budget. 

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