Integrate Your Website with HubSpot CRM: Step by Step Guide

If you have a custom form and want to start sending contacts to Hubspot, the first step you should take is making sure you've installed Hubspot Tracking code on your website. After that, there are several options you can use. 

1. Enable Native Integration 

If you are using a third-party CMS or a form service like TypeForm for your website, it is important to check if it has native integration. If it does, then it should be activated to ensure you get the best results. Unfortunately, some services use the wrong APIs and this can cause problems. For example, they may use the Contacts API instead of the Form API.

It is not recommended due to the fact that it requires more complex authentication methods for the API and it does not keep track of web analytics data. As a result, all your contacts can be marked as coming from an offline source.

Using the right API is vital to ensure that you get the most out of your CMS or form service.  An example of popup form services that support the correct API is OptinMonster.

If you are not sure, it is recommended to consult a professional who can advise you on the best way to integrate your app or system with HubSpot CMS. 

2. Quick Start - Activate non-Hubspot Form Collection

The most straightforward option is to activate the collection of non-Hubspot forms in Hubspot. This is a great feature for a quick start, as the Hubspot Tracking code automatically captures all HTML form submissions without any extra work from you. 

You can find it in Settings/Marketing/Forms/Non-HubSpot Forms

Non Hubspot Forms

3. HubSpot Forms APIs

If you're looking for a more advanced approach, you can also use Hubspot Form APIs. This API doesn't require complex authentication, so it is easier to set up and use than some of the other approaches. If you tinker a bit with Javascript to set up the Hubspot user tracking code (HUTK), you'll be able to get the proper analytics you need. 

Hubspot Forms API specification

API Specifications:



Extracted from cookies generated by Hubspot tracking code (hubspotutk)


Users IP address


Page URL


“Page Title”




Users email

Other form fields

Field values



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