AI Studio Update: Send to AI HubSpot Workflow Action Now Supports File Attachments

We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to our Send to AI HubSpot Workflow Action! As of today, you can now include PDF file attachments directly from HubSpot properties (file type properties) or public URLs in your prompts.

This new feature empowers you to leverage the full potential of AI by providing it with additional context and information contained within PDF documents. Whether you need to analyze, summarize, or generate content based on specific documents, our updated action makes it easier than ever.

Key Features:

  • HubSpot Property Integration: Attach PDF files stored in your HubSpot properties effortlessly.
  • Public URL Support: Include PDFs from public URLs such as Google Drive or Dropbox links.
  • Enhanced AI Responses: Provide richer context to the AI for more accurate and insightful responses.
  • Seamless Workflow: Integrate this functionality into your existing HubSpot workflows with just few clicks

How It Works?

1. Select Your PDF Source: Choose between a HubSpot property or a public URL when configuring your workflow action.

2. Attach the PDF: The selected PDF will be parsed, and its text content will be appended to the end of the prompt sent to the AI model.

3. Token Consumption: Each page of the PDF consumes approximately 400-500 tokens. Lengthy documents can add a significant number of tokens to the context, impacting the total token usage.

4. Receive Enhanced Responses: Get AI-generated responses that are more comprehensive and tailored to the content of your PDFs.

AI Studio pdf attachments

Recommendation: For handling longer documents, we suggest using AI models with larger context windows, such as Google Gemini and Claude Opus, to ensure all relevant information is considered in the AI response.

Use Cases:

Human Resources:

    •    Extract Information from CVs: Automatically extract key details such as education, work experience, and skills from candidate CVs.
    •    Summarize Applications: Generate summaries of candidate profiles to streamline the screening process.


    •    Summarize RFPs and Proposals: Quickly summarize the content of RFPs and proposals to identify key requirements and opportunities.
    •    Analyze Presentations: Extract and analyze information from sales presentations to gain insights and improve pitches.
    •    Extract Information from Documents: Automatically pull out crucial data from various sales documents to aid in decision-making.


    •    Extract Information from Market Reports: Gain insights from comprehensive market reports by extracting relevant data and trends.
    •    Analyze Product Brochures: Summarize and analyze product brochures to quickly understand key features and benefits.
    •    Generate Summaries: Create concise summaries of lengthy marketing documents to facilitate quicker reviews and decision-making.

We are excited to see how you will leverage this powerful new capability. 

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing about your success stories!

For more information and to explore other features, visit AI Studio product page

Note for Existing Users:

To take advantage of this new feature, existing users need to re-authorize the app. This update requires new permissions related to file handling for the AI Studio app. Please ensure you re-authorize to continue using the app seamlessly.

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