Breathe Life into Your HubSpot CMS Pages with Lottie File Animations

Realize Theme for HubSpot CMS supports Lottie Animations

Example of Image+Text module with Lottie

Lottie is an open-source animation library created by Airbnb Design that helps developers embed animations into their websites and apps. It works on all platforms, such as iOS, Android, React Native, and Web. Lottie uses JSON files that can be created in Adobe After Effects and exported to Lottie's animation library. Animations created in Lottie can be small in size, lightweight, interactive, and cross-platform.

Another Lottie Example

The primary benefit of Lottie vs gifs and videos is that it offers a seamless, high-quality animation experience that is optimized for mobile devices. Lottie animations are small and highly efficient, so they can be loaded quickly and rendered smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, Lottie animations are vector-based and can be easily scaled to different sizes without loss of quality, making them more versatile than gifs and videos. Finally, they can be customized and animated with coding, allowing for greater creative versatility.

Where can I get Lottie files? offers over 50,000 high-quality Lottie files ready to be downloaded. All of the animations on their site are created using Adobe After Effects and they come ready to be used on any platform thanks to their JSON-based format.

IconScout is another great resource for Lottie files. It has a large collection of animated icons and illustrations suitable for various uses. You can find everything from social media icons to e-commerce illustrations.

If you need something really special, consider hiring a designer to create custom Lottie files for you. There are a variety of freelance platforms where you can find talented designers to create unique animations tailored to your specific needs.