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Footer Settings

General footer settings

Footer is a final element of the website. It has several important functions:

  • source of useful information;
  • logical end of pages;
  • extra space for the website navigation.

You can set up a user-friendly footer of your website in Global Content Editor.


Realize - footer - logo

In the Logo tab you can set up an important item of your website – logo.
Here you can upload a logo image, specify its size (width, height), and add a link. It is also possible to use a standard logo from branding.

Group links

Add groups of links and its names in the Content tab.

For each link you can:

  • add a name;
  • select an element type: link or scroll to the element;
  • add a link.

Social items

Social items help users find you in social media networks.

Add links to your social media profiles at the Content tab.

footer - social items

You can choose one of the following social media:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Linkedin;
  • Youtube.

If the social media of your choice is missing, use the Custom icon option.

Then add links to your social media profiles.

Service links

Footer is a perfect place for adding links to important information, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc.

Add service links at the Content tab.

For each link you can:

  • add a name;
  • add a URL.

Copyright text

You can place a piece of text protecting your rights as the owner of the website to a special window – Copyright text

Styles settings

footer - style settings

To customize the footer styles, navigate to the Styles tab. Here you can choose Background and Accent colors: Light, DarkSecondary 1Secondary 2, Primary 1 or Primary 2 (set in the theme general settings). Transparent – a color of the section with the footer module.

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