HubSpot Workflow Labs #1: Quick Task creation with UI cards and AI workflows


Create task in HubSpot CRM by providing short description.

Generate task in HubSpot 2

Based on task description, workflow generates task name using AI. It adds task and cleans the "Task description field", so it can be used to generate next task.

Generate task in HubSpot 3

How to setup the process: 

To create a HubSpot CRM task based on a brief description, you can set up a workflow using AI-powered automation, which involves the following steps:

  1. User Input via UI Card: Create a custom UI card in HubSpot with a specific property for the task description. Users will enter the task description here.

  2. Workflow Trigger: Set up a workflow that initiates when the task description property value is known (i.e., when a user inputs a task description).

  3. AI Processing for Task Name Generation:

    • Use the "Send to AI" workflow action to send the task description to an AI model.
    • The AI analyzes the description and generates a succinct task name consisting of 3-5 words. This process leverages the AI's ability to interpret text and produce relevant, concise output.
  4. Task Creation:

    • Copy the AI-generated task name into the task name property ( using Send to AI action by AI Studio for HubSpot App)
    • Create a new task in HubSpot using both the AI-generated task name and the original task description
    • Assign the task to the appropriate ticket or contact owner
  5. Cleanup Actions:

    • Clear the task name and task description properties after the task is created to prepare the system for the next input

Create task in Ticket-1





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