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Marketing Use Cases


Lead scoring and qualification

Effectively identifying and prioritizing leads is crucial for driving growth and optimizing marketing efforts. But traditional lead scoring models rely on rule-based systems that don't adequately estimate all the possible factors. 

Prompt example: 

Analyze the following lead data: First Name: [First Name] Last Name: [Last Name] Email: [Email] Company: [Company Name] [Company Domain] Job Title: [Job Title] Industry: [Industry] Country: [IP Country] Page Views: [Page Views] Form Submissions: [Form Submissions] Email Opens: [Email Opens]  Based on the provided information, assign a lead score between 0 and 100. Consider the lead's demographic attributes like job title and industry (favoring industries such as [Preferred Industry 1, Preferred Industry 2]), firmographic data like company size, and engagement behaviors like page views combined with high form submissions. Provide a brief explanation of the key factors influencing the score, highlighting how closely the lead matches our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) attributes.

Suggested settings: AI Model - GPT-4 Turbo or Google Gemini, Creativity level - Conservative

Similar approach might be used for lead qualification. 

Identifying ICP Match and Buyer Intent

For this example, the AI Studio workflow starts by using the Company Insights action to generate a summary of the company's business based on their website content. This provides a foundation for understanding the company's offerings and target market.

Next, the AI Web Search action looks for recent news and press releases related to the company, focusing on content that may indicate growth, expansion, or potential pain points. The summaries of the top 3 articles are saved to a custom property for reference.

Finally, the Identifying ICP Match and Buyer Intent action takes the company description and recent news as inputs and evaluates them against predefined ICP criteria and buyer intent indicators. The AI model provides a detailed analysis of how well the company fits the ICP and any signs of buyer intent, supported by specific examples from the previous steps.

Prompt example for Web Search action: 

Recent news articles and press releases related to [Company Name] [Company domain]. Focus on content published within the last 3 months that discusses the company's latest developments, product launches, partnerships, or industry recognition. Provide a summary of the top 3 most relevant articles, including the article title, publication date, and key takeaways.

Prompt example for Send to AI action: 

Based on the following information:

Company Description: [Company Description]
Recent News: [Recent News]

Evaluate if [Company Name] matches our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and exhibits buyer intent.

ICP Criteria:
- Industry: Software, Technology, or IT Services
- Company Size: 100-1000 employees
- Revenue: $10M - $100M

Buyer Intent Indicators:
- Recent funding rounds or acquisitions
- Expansion into new markets or product lines
- High-level executive changes (e.g., new CTO, VP of Sales)
- Mentions of key pain points or challenges related to our solution

Provide a detailed analysis of how well the company fits our ICP and any signs of buyer intent. If the company does not match the ICP or show buyer intent, explain why. Include specific examples from the company description and recent news to support your assessment.

Suggested settings: AI Model - Claude 3 Opus, Creativity level - Default

Lead spam detection

The Lead Spam Detection action leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze form submissions and contact details, assigning a "Spam Score" to each lead. This score, ranging from 1 (likely spam) to 10 (likely legitimate), provides a clear and actionable metric for assessing a lead's authenticity. By evaluating factors such as email patterns, name legitimacy, domain reputation, and suspicious keywords, the AI model can accurately identify potential spam submissions. This streamlined verification process allows marketing and sales teams to focus their efforts on genuine, high-quality leads, saving time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on pursuing dead ends.

Setup is very simple and strait-forward, add Detect Lead Spam action, optionally add properties that you have on your forms on the website and copy output value to a custom property (you need to set it first) Lead Spam Score. 

Enriching CRM Data with Web Insights

Manually gathering and integrating fresh customer data into your CRM can be an arduous and time-intensive endeavor. AI Studio for HubSpot revolutionizes this process by automating the extraction of web insights and seamlessly enriching your CRM data. By leveraging advanced web parsing techniques and AI-powered web search capabilities, you can obtain a comprehensive understanding of your target accounts, enabling you to execute highly targeted and personalized campaigns with unparalleled precision.

Company Insights and Extract Web Data workflow actions empowers you to automatically extract critical information from company websites, creating detailed and robust company profiles within your CRM. Chaining web parsing and Send to AI action allows analyzing website content, including homepage, about us, and product or service pages, the AI model identifies and structures pertinent data points with exceptional accuracy. This includes: 

  • Company overview and description
  • Products and services offered
  • Target industries and markets
  • Key differentiators and unique selling propositions
HubSpot Workflow and Chatflow Extension

AI Studio for HubSpot